Morning Jolt: August 16, 2011

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Tuesday, August 16

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Grossman has already lost starting job

Washington's quarterback competition between Rex Grossman and John Beck may not be a fair fight. The winner is predetermined. The fix is in. All along, the job has been Beck's to lose. That's what Redskins people have been saying privately for months, insisting Coach Mike Shanahan and his son, Kyle, the team's offensive coordinator, have already selected their guy. That for better or worse, the Shanahans are rolling with Beck. Obviously, plans can change. Beck's groin injury was an unexpected setback. An abysmal preseason performance from Beck could prompt a reevaluation. Ultimately, Mike and Kyle could still decide Grossman gives them the best chance to win this season. Barring further unforeseen developments, however, the Beck period in Washington is already underway. (The Washington Post)Comment

Zambrano's scheme won't fly in Chicago

The curious case of Carlos Zambrano is again in a suspended state. As TV talking heads discussed the subject in the background, one Cub walked through the clubhouse Sunday in Atlanta, playfully saying, "Where in the world is Carlos Zambrano?" On Monday, we got an answer: He's on an image-fixing publicity tour of handpicked media outlets -- by some accounts against the advice of his agent -- expressing undying love for the Cubs and remorse for bailing on his team Friday night. Whether the scheme helps improve his image with another club, it's lost on this one. Too many incidents and too many apologies that were eventually rendered empty by subsequent actions have left Zambrano without a locker in the clubhouse, despite another $18 million year left on his contract. (Chicago Sun-Times)Comment

Lockout threatening Boston's Big Three?

The end of the Big Three? [If] the worst doomsday lockout predictions come true, and there is no season, [Ray Allen] doesn't believe the Celtics will be one of its victims. The guard, who just turned 36 on July 20, doesn't believe that because both he and Kevin Garnett have one year left on their respective contracts will spell the end of the Big Three era. "I don't think so," he said [Monday] morning. "They're not going to send us away because possibly we miss a season. We're not going to say we're done and we're not going to play any more. I still have a lot left in me and I'm sure that Kevin (Garnett) feels the same. At this stage of the game I'm sure he's rejuvenated and he'll be ready to go." (Boston Herald)Comment

Must-See Photo

Novak Djokovic celebrates his victory over Mardy Fish during their Rogers tennis Cup final in Montreal.

Must-See Video

LeBron James is dunked on during an exhibition game in Taipei, and then the backboard starts to smoke.

Game To Watch

Rangers at Angels, 10:05 p.m., ET

  1. Texas Rangers
  2. Los Angeles Angels

SI Vault: More Babe Ruth

This Day in Sports

  • 1948 -- Babe Ruth dies of throat cancer at the age of 53.
  • 1968 -- Blanking the Red Sox 4-0 at Fenway Park, Tiger hurler Denny McLain improves his record on the road to 16-0.
  • 2001 -- Barry Bonds' second home run of the game and 53rd of the season breaks the franchise record established by his godfather, Willie Mays.