Hot Clicks: Elaine Alden; Athletes Tweet about earthquake

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A 5.8-magnitude earthquake centered in Virginia struck this afternoon and the shaking was felt throughout the East Coast. How did athletes react? Well, Redskins wide receiver Donte Stallworthshared the information above. Eagles tight end Brent Celek said he was responsible for the quake. ... Celtics guard and potential Home Depot employeeDelonte Westsaid a tree fell on his house, cars and jewelry. ... Sixers center Spencer Hawesdoesn't want the earthquake to affect the stock market. ... Oilers defenseman Ryan Whitneysummed up the downside of being on Twitter when a big event like an earthquake happens.



The hideous Iowa-Iowa State trophy Hot Clicks covered in Friday's P.M. Hot Clicks? It's gone before it was ever given out. Game organizers say it will be changed.

End Of An Error

If you watched the clip in Monday's P.M. Hot Clicks of ESPN's Bobby Valentine hammering Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro for seven minutes over Castro's lackadaisical play, it's hard to imagine what the analyst would say about this Little Leaguer who spent his time in the outfield dancing while his team was down 20-0.

Bust A Move

Rex, of Columbus, Ohio, says, "Jimmy... Elaine Alden. Carry on." I love e-mails that are short and sweet. I also love them when they suggest a worthy LLOD candidate. Alden, a professional model (according to her Twitter page), however, is more than worthy candidate for today's honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Elaine Alden :: Steven Lawton/Getty Images

Apparently, LeBron Jamesis afraid of the high diving board.

He Didn't Want To Take His Talents Into The Pool

The Titans got fullback Patrick Hill.

NFL Rookie Hazing Photo Of The Day

In today's A.M. Hot Clicks, I posted one of the great videos of all time: former NBA player Rex Chapman doing karaoke to Prince's When Dove Cry. I tweeted the link to Hot Clicks this morning and said "there are no words to describe" the video. Chapman responded, "No words 2 describe it... except 4: awesome, awkward, fabulous, horrid, super, no way, really?, classic, sexy & no he di'ent!" He also sent me the video below with the message, "Prince-jam, in front of wife, kids & cameraman-less camera much harder & more angst ridden than Flip-dunk b4 sellout. #iamidiot" How can you not love this guy? By the way, while watching both videos, notice he went from one pair of ridiculous shorts to another pair of ridiculous shorts.

Sports Video Of The Day

Hot Clicks posted Part I awhile ago. Here is Part II of "Movie Titles in Movies," featuring 110 titles in 159 seconds.

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