Hot Clicks: Mikayla Wingle; Chad Ochocinco to play Mason Foster's $20K fine

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Parts of the Packers' playbook ended up all over the streets of Green Bay Monday when its pages flew out of a garbage truck. As you can imagine, this was a big story in Titletown, where football is everything, as evidenced by the fact that area schools will close early on Sept. 8 when the Packers open their season against the Saints on Thursday night.

Inside Information

Packers Playbook :: AP

Chad Ochocincotook to Twitter today to tell Roger Goodell that he will reimburse Buccaneers rookie linebacker Mason Foster the $20,000 he was fined for a hit on the Patriots wide receiver.

Classy Move

Gunaxin is looking at six unscripted moments in pro wrestling history while capitalizes on yesterday's earthquake by remembering seven wrestlers named after natural disasters.

Pair Of Wrestling Links

Chevy, of Boston, says, "Jimmy, Survivor is back. I know, who cares? Good news: contestant Mikayla Wingle." Not sure why Chevy said who cares since Survivor is still a popular show, but that's neither here nor there. What's important is that model and former Lingerie Football League player Mikayla Wingle is on the show and now we know who to root for. This also gets her today's LLOD honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Mikayla Wingle :: CBS is imaginingFriday Night Lights with current college football players.

Casting Call

Rams defensive lineman Chris Longis having a stretch of bad luck. ... Marlins outfielder Mike Stantonis not a fan of Hurricane Irene. ... Colts wide receiver Pierre Garconneeds a pool table. ...

Today On Twitter

Check out this fan in a wheelchair going after a referee from a soccer game last weekend.

Sports Video Of The Day

Five hundred people holding more than 1,500 pictures in 100 seconds to make one very cool video. (Thanks to Shimon, of Jerusalem, for the link.)

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