Hot Clicks: Imogen Thomas; Marlins draw 347 fans to game

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It's fitting that 1) a day after Hot Clicks linked to a story about pages from the Packers' playbook flying all over the streets of Green Bay and 2) Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced his resignation, that we would read this story about the Buccaneers giving their players iPads to double as playbooks.

Sports In The 21st Century

iPad :: AP

Thanks to Twitter (follow me here!), players such as Bills defensive back Drayton Florencecan ask fans to help him find an apartment in exchange for free season tickets.

Speaking Of Technological Advancements...

There were 347 people at Sun Life Stadium for Game 1 of yesterday's doubleheader between the Reds and Marlins.

Foul Balls For Everyone! has put together this gallery of British model/former soccer WAG, Imogen Thomas.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Imogen Thomas :: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

LSU quarterback Jordan Jeffersonis being investigated for his alleged role in a bar fight last week that left four people injured. (Some more than others.) This led to a fan calling LSU football coach Les Miles' radio show for this awkward moment.

Sports Talk Radio Moment Of The Day

Josh Winfield, of Minneapolis, says, "Hey, Jimmy, love your column! Apparently, the hometown Twins fans are having a tough time staying entertained at the games with the bad year our team is having. One of my friends went last night and found a way to entertain the crowd, although he did get kicked out as well."

Photo Of The Day

Check out this catch Orioles third baseman Robert Andino.

Sports Video Of The Day


Jump Rope Video Of The Day

It's no D--- In A Box, but this video of the Saturday Night Live star dressing up as tennis legends is pretty funny.

Andy Samberg Video Of The Day