Hot Clicks: Amy Lynn Grover; Ron Gardenhire goatee scratch sign snafu

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In what sounds like a scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm, the Twins beat the Indians on Sunday thanks in part to a steal sign given by manager Ron Gardenhire. What makes this very Larry David-esque is that Gardenhire didn't actually give the steal sign. He was scratching his goatee.

Managerial Genius

Ron Gardenhire :: AP

Clemson punter Dawson Zimmerman took one of the nastier hits you'll see a punter take. ... There were two mind-boggling blunders by college football players on Saturday. ... It's not just college kids who enjoy a keg stand while tailgating at college football games.

Weekend Leftovers

Walter Pandiani is a striker for Spanish squad Espanyol. He also sweats. A lot. A LOT.

His Shirt Is Like A Mr. Wizard Experiment

Model Amy Lynn Grover gets today's LLOD honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Amy Lynn Grover ::

Florida coach Will Muschamp faces his old mentor, Alabama's Nick Saban, this Saturday. Just don't ask Muschamp to compare their relationship to anything that happened in Star Wars.

The Force Isn't With Will Muschamp

Rockies players dressed up as Star Wars characters while the Dodgers opted for a variety of embarassing costumes. Meanwhile, it looks like someone on the Phillies is into a little S&M.

More MLB Rookie Hazing Photos

Scott Porter, who played Jason Street on Friday Night Lights and stars in the new CW show, Heart of Dixie (debuting tonight), with Rachel Bilson, joined me on the latest edition of the Hot Clicks podcast. In addition to discussing those two shows, Porter beatboxed (he started beatboxing at age 7), reminisced about playing high school football with some NFL stars, talked about his love of Nebraska football, explained what it's like to be in a fantasy football league with his girlfriend, and told a Derek Jeter-Minka Kelly story and more.

The Hot Clicks Podcast

Before you know it, they're going to require trainers who ride these carts to wear seat belts.

Sports Video Of The Day

This news report from the '80s just hit YouTube over the weekend. And thank goodness it did.

Frustrated Reporter Video Of The Day