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Titans' hot start has them on the move in Week 4 Power Rankings

Status quo obviously isn't the norm in the league that goes by the mantra of N(ot) F(or) L(ong), but when the first five teams in our NFL power rankings all win on any given Sunday, a little stability up top is kind of refreshing. And there's really not much to debate right now, because the Packers, Saints, Patriots, Lions and Ravens are clearly the five best teams in the league, in some order.

Just to refresh your memory, I have the Packers and Ravens meeting in the Super Bowl, and the Saints and Patriots losing in their respective conference title games -- with the added bonus of Detroit winning an NFC wild card berth. So far, so good on my predictions. But why do I suspect my luck will never last? Now onto this week's rankings ...

Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

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