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Morning Jolt: Cutler puts anger on display

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Tuesday, October 18

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Cutler puts anger on display

We may never know the target of Jay Cutler's vitriol. Plenty has been made this season about the problems the Chicago Bears have had getting plays transmitted into [Cutler] this season, a process that goes from offensive coordinator Mike Martz in the booth to quarterbacks coach Shane Day and then onto the field. The Bears have blown through plenty of timeouts when they've been delayed getting the play in, and Cutler's frustration was raised late in the first half Sunday night when NBC cameras and microphones apparently caught him voicing his displeasure. "Tell him I said (bleep) you," was picked up by the cameras as Cutler moved to the line of scrimmage. The target of his anger remains unknown. (Chicago Tribune)Comment

NBA talking to potential Hornets buyers

Jac Sperling, who was appointed by the NBA as the Hornets' team governor sat down with Jimmy Smith of The Times-Picayune to talk about where things stood with the franchise including the possible sale of the team to a private owner. "We've started having conversations with potential owners already," revealed Sperling. "The number of potential owners has grown. I think the commissioner mentioned there were four or five, and I think the number has increased a little bit."There are some potential owners who live in New Orleans and some who live outside of New Orleans. But all of them understand that they would be buying a team that would have a long-term lease here. And that's the goal -- to extend the lease to a long-term arrangement with the state as part of finding a new owner."[The sale conversations are] moving along now. Conversations, as I mentioned, have started. We're trying to move the process along so that once the labor situation is clarified; we'll be able to act quickly." (New Orleans Times-Picayune)Comment

Time for Lackey to go

In the analysis of many, being a players' manager bit Terry Francona when those players chose to run the asylum. "Consider us [ Jon Lester, Josh Beckett and John Lester] a unit when it comes to these accusations," said the lefty. "But we're not bad people and we're not a bad group of guys." It's going to be difficult to convince fans of that. And the Sox would be crazy to bring all three of these guys back. ... Lackey simply has to go. He's coming off the worst season by a starting pitcher in more than a century of Red Sox baseball, and he's regularly shown up his teammates and his manager. Bookend all that with his TMZ personal issues and his place in the biscuit brigade and you've got a local pariah on a par with none other. (The Boston Globe)Comment

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San Jose Sharks left wing Patrick Marleau enters the rink before the game against the Anaheim Ducks at HP Pavilion. The Ducks won 3-2. (Kelley L. Cox/US PRESSWIRE)

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