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Hot Clicks: Marisa Miller; all-reader e-mail edition

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It's been a while since I've done an all-reader e-mail edition of Hot Clicks, so with today being relatively quiet in the sports world, I figured this would be a good time to give you guys and gals a look at some of the requests/submissions/diatribes I get on a regular basis.

Matt DePoint, of Minneapolis, who says, "Jimmy, I'm a big fan of your work and read Hot Clicks religiously. I'm getting married on Saturday. Could you please do me a favor and make Marisa Miller the LLOD? Thanks!"

Matt is not even married yet and he's turning to the 'Net for hot pictures of models. But I'm not here to judge. I'm here to provide Matt with what he needs.

Lance, of Kansas City, says, "Jimmy, this website is devoted to urinals. You've got to be able to find a spot in Hot Clicks for this. Check it out."

It certainly looks like it would be fun to use a urinal at Nature's Call in San Francisco.

Rob Perschon, of Schererville, Ind., says, "Hey, Jimmy, I'm in need of some major help! A little brewery in Louisiana is giving away a nice prize package that includes a motorized cooler. Yes, a motorized cooler. I'm currently getting smoked, needing to turn to you and Hot Clicks Nation for help. The other finalists are all LSU fans and I'm a lowly Purdue fan. They don't deserve to win this prize! They get nice weather year-round. We get torn ACLs. They get to compete for a national title. We get Danny Hope. Any 'likes' on the picture I can get from you or Hot Clicks Nation, I'd be grateful.

Ladd, of Chi Town, says, "Hey, Jimmy, I was at the gym this morning and on the pop '80s station, the video forWarrior by Scandal came on. Totally awesome old school '80s classic song, and equally awesome cheesy '80s video. That got me thinking about the old early '90s NBA highlight video with Jordan, Magic, Bird, Barkley, etc..., with each getting his highlight reel to a song. Barkley's was to the song Warrior, which was one of the best on the video. Do you remember this? In my opinion the NBA is garbage now but that's when I cared about it and thought the players were the best we've seen and will never see better. Anyway, not sure if that video is out there but others from my generation have to remember it and would probably love to see some kind of link/props in the wake of all this lockout madness right now. Just an idea of you ever run out of them."If anyone can find this video, please let me know.

Daniel, of Columbus, Ohio, says, "Jimmy, the Blue Jackets just won their first game of the season and I'm sure as most sports fans are unaware the Blue Jackets are Columbus' NHL team. In honor of already being out of playoff contention in the first month of the season, can you please feature Columbus native... well, actually, there are no Columbus natives deserving of the LLOD as seen by this list, so instead I will suggest Brooklyn Decker.

Rob, of New Jersey, says, "Jimmy, this has nothing to do with you, but personally I'm getting f---ing sick of seeing Brian Wilson everywhere. Dude is super annoying. It's like hearing about the Yankees and Friday Night Lights with you.

I'm still stunned Kyle Chandler won the Emmy award for Best Actor in a Drama last month. Also, if you haven't seen the FNL Emmy trailer, it's a must watch.

Kmsjax, of Jacksonville, Fla., says, "So I'm watching the baseball game Saturday night and I'm raging at my husband about the woman in the blue shirt behind home plate (off the right hand batter's shoulder) who can't be bothered to look up while the Rangers are staging rallies in the fourth and fifth innings. So far, she's watched two batters. What kind of husband/alleged fan doesn't throw his wife's phone into the stands after paying for front row seats? Somebody must recognize her. Please text, e-mail or post to her Facebook that there's a World Series game going on 45 feet in front of her."

A video of a person throwing their spouse's cell phone on the field would definitely make Hot Clicks.

Joel, of Abbeville, Ala., says, "Hi, Jimmy. Stick with me on this one. It's a little long. I'm a die-hard SEC football fan and direct most of my attention there, but I have to say the World Series has been fantastic thus far. Not only has the baseball been stellar, but the Fox coverage, with Buck and McCarver, is superb as a always. What makes it all the more special is that I watch the games with my young sons, both of whom are good baseball players. My older one, who is 12, is a super player, and really appreciates the game and the telecast. As we watch, I'm thinking, these are special times with my boys -- an experience shared by millions of fathers and sons for generations in this great country of ours. Then suddenly, along comes the obligatory VIAGRA commercial to kill the mood. When you're watching ball with a couple of preteens, there's no bigger elephant in the room than some dorky voice talent talking about erectile dysfunction and erections lasting longer than four hours. I know some folks need the product, and many partake on a purely recreational basis, and there are millions of dollars in play. But this just wasn't a concern when we watched the Big Red Machine with our dads back in the day, and there are other outlets for their message. Viagra doesn't belong with baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet. Surely, Fox could've sold that space to Jennie-O Turkey, T-Mobile, or VW, all of which seem to have unlimited ad budgets for this series. Will you be the voice of dads like me, and make 'em ban those ED ads for marquee sporting events, just as they did with hard liquor and cigarettes? So that you'll have time to complain to Fox and MLB, I'll suggest you again make the T-mobile chick the LLOD, and you'll have one less thing to worry about."

You have to love the guy finishing off a Viagra rant by suggesting a Lovely Lady of the Day. Also, how many of you made it past the "Buck and McCarver are superb as always" portion of Joel's e-mail?

Dave Sullivan, of Newcastle, Canada, asks, "Should Peyton Manning be considered as an MVP candidate?

I think it would be hysterical if Manning won. Should he be considered? I think we've all seen how valuable he's been this year, but when push comes to shove, I'd say the votes should go to players who have played.

RC, of Long Island, says, "Jimmy, 1) We need a search feature on the archives; 2) When did you post the video of the chick who sings lyrics that are not words but are so familiar that you know the song right away? I searched each day that was in the archive but couldn't find it?; 3) How about once in a while pick a LLOD who has some life experiences? Diane Lane would not be a bad choice.

1. A search feature on the archives would be nice, but I don't think that's going to happen. On a side note, every member of Hot Clicks Nation should have this page bookmarked. 2. I believe the video you are looking for can be found here. 3. Nothing I post of Diane Lane could live up to her performance in "Unfaithful."

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