The story behind the photo: almost-engaged Cardinals fan

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SI: Tell us the story of the sign. Was there really a ring vs. tickets choice?

KS: It wasn't exactly that he put a ring and tickets on the table and told me to pick one. We've been together for several years now and are pretty confident that marriage is in the cards, but he is definitely not in a hurry. Every once in a while, I'll give him a hard time about it and he's always quick to change the subject. A week or two before this game (I think we were still playing the Brewers) I brought it up again and he changed the subject to World Series tickets. He told me he got us tickets to Game 6 and I was so thrilled I told him I'd never bring it up again. For the record - it was totally worth it. Game 6 was incredible.

SI: How long have you two been dating?

KS: Four years

SI: Was he cool with your decision to go to the game?

KS: Yeah, he was actually there -- just not paying attention to me holding the sign. You can see his hand in the bottom right corner drinking a water. He has been a great sport about the whole thing

SI: Did anyone ask you about the sign at the game?

KS: When I first turned around with the sign, everyone behind me in the section went nuts. Nobody really asked questions, but I got a lot of high fives.

SI: Where did you watch Game 7? Did anyone recognize you there?

KS: I watched Game 7 with Scott, his family, my mom and a few friends at the Dubliner, an Irish pub in downtown St. Louis. After we won, we walked down to the stadium and were hanging around outside. Dozens of people came up to me, usually saying, "you're the girl!" or "I saw you on facebook!" My facebook wall went crazy with friends of mine who had seen the photo online and didn't realize who it was at first - I heard from people in Denver, Chicago, Paris who had seen it. I've also heard all kinds of crazy stories about it - that I photoshopped my face in, that it's not really me, that I'm really already married, and that now I'm dating David Freese. All false.

SI: When is the wedding (if you're actually getting married)

KS: Sometime in the future, I suppose. We're not engaged - I took the tickets :-)