No hometown discount for Jose Reyes

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Friday, November 4

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No hometown discount from Reyes

Odds are slim that Jose Reyes -- or any free agent who has played in New York -- would give the Mets a hometown discount. According to Steve Phillips, who was the team's general manager from 1997 to 2003, there's no such thing in New York. "The New York teams rarely get hometown discounts because there's always been an assumption that the New York teams don't need hometown discounts to keep a player," said Phillips. ... "It's different than if you're in Minnesota or Kansas City or Tampa and you want to stay there. You know that they can't afford more, there's no debate about it." Jim Duquette, who was the Mets' general manager in 2004, said in his experience, certain players even demanded a premium for playing in New York. (The New York Times)Comment

Time to start imagining CP3 with Knicks

When do Knicks fans begin daring to dream? New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul has been spending a good amount of time in New York City these days. As NBPA vice president, he's been present at several labor meetings and he's been palling around with his good friend Carmelo Anthony, like at Melo's M8 sneaker launch party in mid-October. Not only has Paul been alongside Anthony in NYC, they've been teaming up on the court at various charity and exhibition games. While the All-Star-like showcases haven't been competitive NBA regular-season games, they've offered a glimpse into how good the pair can really be on the main stage together, utilizing the pick-and-roll, backdoor cuts and alley-oops. (

NFL team could call Chavez Ravine home

Might Frank McCourt have another parting gift to Los Angeles in the form of an NFL franchises? The pending sale of the Los Angeles Dodgers -- and, more importantly, the property where Dodger Stadium sits -- could have an interesting impact on bringing the NFL back to the City of Angels. It could make it happen a lot faster. ... [The] sudden presence on the market of the Dodgers and the 177-acre piece of property in Chavez Ravine is like a game where an opponent exchanges a pawn for a queen. "That location is a potentially a game-changer if something doesn't get done with one of those groups [Roski or AEG] in the next couple of months," an NFL source said Thursday. (Yahoo! Sports)Comment

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Defensive back Brandon Alexander (left) tackles Tulsa quarterback G.J. Kinne during the first half of Tulsa's 24-17 victory on Thursday night. (Romeo Guzman/Cal Sport Media)

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During the 1998 NBA lockout Nike recorded this gem of a commercial. Thirteen years later, it still resonates.

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The Trojans look to bounce back from a heartbreaking loss to Stanford against the Buffaloes, who are winless in their first year in the Pac-12, 9:00 pm ET

  1. USC Trojans
  2. Colorado Buffaloes

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  • 2001 -- Former Dallas Cowboy Nate Newton is arrested in Louisiana after police find 213 pounds of marijuana in a van he was driving.
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  • 1989 -- David Robinson makes his debut for the San Antonio Spurs against the Los Angeles Lakers. Robinson's NBA debut was delayed two years because of his military commitment.