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Morning Jolt: Russell critical of NBA hard-liners

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Friday, November 11

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Russell critical of NBA hard-liners

Hall of Famer Bill Russell believes that a more conciliatory tone might help end the lockout. [Russell] said a solution to the NBA lockout is being jeopardized by hard-liners on both sides, and urged the parties to put aside their differences and reach a compromise "they can live with." "As a very interested bystander, I just hope they get a deal," Russell told in a phone interview. "And it will not come from the hard-liners on either side. I think they all know that. I have this theory that hard-liners are like true believers. And true believers think that any compromise is a retreat. And moving forward, that doesn't cut it." (

Browns WR Cribbs hints at playing RB

Josh Cribbs, says QB Colt McCoy, is a playmaker, and he'll have more ample opportunity than ever to make those plays. Cribbs hinted that his long-awaited appearance in the backfield might happen Sunday against the Rams. "I can't give nothing away, but they put something in that's special to me and that's all I can say about that," said Cribbs today. "Coach is really trying to target me and the coaches are really making an opportunity for me to get the football more." Asked again later about possibly lining up in the backfield, he said, "We've got eight games left. There will be some surprises this week." Cribbs now leads the team with three TDs and is second wih 298 yards. (The Plain Dealer)Comment

Zetterberg on Tampa Bay's trap: 'Hilarious'

What one columnist referred to as a "ludicrous spectacle" on Thursday evening is drawing laughter in NHL dressing rooms, too. Henrik Zetterberg saw highlights of the Flyers and Lightning just standing around on the ice Wednesday, waiting for each other to make a move. "Hilarious," said Zetterberg. Tampa Bay was sitting in a 1-3-1 neutral-zone trap; Philadelphia kept the puck in its zone until the referee stopped play. "It was a good way to show how boring it could be if the other team doesn't do anything," Zetterberg said. "That's the way we played in Sweden 10, 12 years ago. A 1-3-1, really strict, and the game became really boring. "With the skill we have in this league, you shouldn't be able to play that way." (The Detroit News)Comment

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The Georgia Tech Ramblin Wreck comes on to Grant Field prior to the opening kick-off against Virginia Tech (Kent Mccorkle/Cal Sport Media/

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Carson Palmer hits Denarius Moore for a TD as the Raiders beat the Chargers.

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North Carolina vs. Michigan State, Quickens Loan Classic, 7 p.m. ET (ESPN)

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