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Morning Jolt: Has Reid run out of time in Philly?

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Monday, November 14

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Has Reid run out of time in Philly?

Again Sunday, Andy Reid called for anyone listening to place a measure of blame on his shoulders. [The] issue stops being whether Andy Reid should return for a 14th season as head coach. He should not. After blowing a fourth-quarter lead for the fifth time, after falling to 3-6 with a roster full of expensive stars, after letting John Flipping Skelton outplay Michael Vick -- after all that, the issue has become whether Reid can give owner Jeff Lurie even the flimsiest pretense for defying reason and bringing him back for 2012. ... [Reid] now has a team that plays soft and that seems more interested in contracts than contact. His ship appears rudderless, and there's no one to blame but the captain. (Philadelphia Inquirer)Comment

Might Penn St. turn to Colts' Caldwell?

Familiar names dot the landscape of speculated successors to Joe Paterno, from active coaches such as Kirk Ferentz and Pat Fitzgerald, to current broadcaster Urban Meyer. If Penn State wants to expand its search outside the college game and can't get a dream candidate like Tony Dungy, the school could do worse than look at Jim Caldwell. ... [Caldwell] was an assistant [at Penn State] before being named head coach at Wake Forest in 1993. At the time, he was the first African American coach in the ACC. In eight years at the smallest school in the conference, Caldwell had a record of 26-36. He installed a powerful passing offense out of necessity that set numerous school records. Like Dungy, he has an impeccable reputation. (New York Daily News)Comment

Morris coaches way into hot seat

Sunday's 37-9 loss reminded some of the old John McKay days of Tampa Bay football. [Ronde Barber] has had his coach's back since Morris took over 2 1/2 seasons ago, so I won't put words in his mouth this time. I can only say what I saw. I have never seen a team so seemingly ill-prepared to play. ... If you're the Glazers and see a team cart-wheeling to the Earth in a fireball, crashing in front of an ocean of empty seats, in a market where the sports dollar is stretched thin, you may feel compelled to act. They weren't shy about firing Tony Dungy when things went sour. They didn't hesitate to fire Jon Gruden. I'm just sayin' ... That's the type of door a game like this opened. (The Tampa Tribune)Comment

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Filipinos watch Manny Pacquaio's welterweight bout win over Juan Manuel Marquez in Marikina City, east of Manila, in the Philippines. (AP)

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There wasn't much good for Buffalo to take out of the Bills' 44-7 loss in Dallas, unless you were Buffalo's David Nelson and got the chance to hand the team's sole touchdown ball to girlfriend Kelsi Reich, a Cowboys cheerleader.

Game To Watch

Look, we'd love to tell you to avert your eyes from what is likely to be a Packers beat down of the Vikings at 8:30 p.m. ET, but with no NBA and few compelling college hoops games, we may as well dance with who got us through the weekend.

  1. Minnesota Vikings
  2. Green Bay Packers

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