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Hot Clicks: Alexandra Daddario; Sexiest male athletes

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People magazine (a sister publication of Sports Illustrated) came out with it annual "Sexiest Man Alive" issue this week. A few of the females who work in the office were all up in arms about some of the selections and some of the omissions. So, because I'm a nice guy, I told them that if they wanted to put together a gallery of the sexiest athletes alive, I'd link to it in Hot Clicks. And they did. Obviously, the majority of Hot Clicks readers are male, but I have a feeling when I check the traffic report, the numbers for this gallery will be strong, anyway. And if you have any issues with the list, do not e-mail me. Hit up my colleague, Nicki Jhabvala, on Twitter.

Equal Time For The Ladies

Cam Newton :: Brian Spurlock/US PRESSWIRE

It's billionaires vs. millionaires in the NBA's labor dispute. And while NBA fans are being denied a season, the players and owners, who can't figure out how to split up their money, live in these houses.

Want To Get Even Angrier About The Lockout?

Players have so much time on their hands that they've now resorted to doing the infamous Cinnamon challenge.

Speaking Of The Lockout...

For the past week, my inbox has been overstuffed with requests for actress Alexandra Daddario to be the LLOD. Daddario is now starring on NBC's Parenthood. Apparently, lots of folks in Hot Clicks Nation watch the show, including a reader in St. Louis, who says, "Jimmy, big fan. If this gets published, please leave me anonymous. My wife thinks I watch Parenthood because I'm trying to become a better parent. But full disclosure, the phenomenal Alexandra Daddario is the main draw. You could probably make a week-long tribute to the show, as Monica Potter and the underrated Erika Christensen are nothing to scoff at, either." One LLOD at a time, anonymous sir. Today, Alexandra Daddario gets the honor.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Alexandra Daddario :: AP

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SI Recommends

In today's A.M. Hot Clicks, we brought you -- and I don't want to oversell this-- an un-freakin-believable picture of Tiger Woods giving former caddie Steve Williams a death stare from hell. Well, now we have another strong Tiger item. The metal band Steel Panther, who you may have seen singing withTony Romo, has written a song about the golfer's legendary scandal, and the lyrics are something else.

Two Years Later, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Texans offensive lineman Eric Winston joined the latest edition of the podcast. We discussed the mindset of the team going forward without quarterback Matt Schaub, and what people should expect from backup Matt Leinart. We also talked about Winston's YouTube show, Not Your Ordinary Sports Show, the NFL announcers he likes and dislikes, the personalities of teammates Arian Foster and Brian Cushing and much more. Listen to the podcast below, or download it here.

The Hot Clicks Podcast

This exclusive song by NBA commissioner David Stern comes to us from "The Rise Guys" show on 95.7 FM The Game in the Bay Area.

Sports Video Of The Day

Since NFL fans are bombarded with the Jennifer Lopez/Fiat commercial all day on Sundays, I had to post this from C.P. de Vera, of Decatur, Ill. He says, "Not only [is the Fiat] a smooth car that I'm psyched to see making a comeback on this side of the pond, but this version of the car actually has got some horses in the stable. This is the new advert they've got for their Abarth model, and it blows the stupid J-Lo ads out of the water. I think this woman should be the LLOD one of the two remaining days of the week (not sure if she's already been featured, so apologies if she has)." I don't know who this woman is, but if anyone out there gets me a name, she will absolutely, 100% be the LLOD.

UPDATE: 5:45 p.m.: Well, this is interesting. Tons of you have alerted me that the woman in the commercial is model Catrinel Menghia, who just happened to be in Hot Clicks on Monday.

Commercial Of The Day