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Streaking Cowboys crack top 10 in Week 11 power rankings

You know what I'm thankful for? For starters, that the NFL isn't the NBA, with a season that wound up being held hostage by labor strife. Can you imagine how Thanksgiving Day would have been this year with no football? No 10-0 Packers at 7-3 Lions? No 9-1 San Francisco taking on 7-3 Baltimore in the Harbaugh Bowl? No shots of a pained and grimacing Jerry Jones in the owners box in Dallas, occasionally missing as he attempts to high-five anyone around him when the Cowboys do make a play?

We shudder at the thought. But football isn't only back, it's about to get really, really good. Turkey Day has never been so rich on the pigskin front. We are indeed a blessed football nation.

Now on to this week's rankings ...

Week 11 NFL Power Rankings