Griffin claims's annual People's Heisman Trophy vote

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If the voice of the American public is any indication, Robert Griffin III is going to join the Heisman Trophy fraternity Saturday night.

More than 34,000 of you were gracious enough to cast a ballot in's annual People's Heisman poll, and the Baylor quarterback claimed 34 percent of the first-place entries. He finished first in a top five that also included Alabama's Trent Richardson, Stanford's Andrew Luck, Wisconsin's Montee Ball and USC's Matt Barkley.

Griffin, who was also your choice for our annual Halfway Heisman, won by a margin of 19,499 points. While that's certainly an inflated figure compared to the official results -- the Heisman Trust sends out 927 ballots -- this exercise still provides insight into how the actual vote could shake out.

If we condense the results of our poll to the 2,781 available points in this year's actual vote, we'd get RG3 winning by 547 points. That's a far cry from Cam Newton's 1,184-point win a year ago. The 19.6 percent margin of victory, which is based on the percent of possible points, is slightly better than middle-of-the-road by past standards -- the margin has been higher in 29 of the available 71 results -- but it would be a comfortable win nonetheless.

But if our vote is any indication, it will be equally interesting to see the gap between Luck and Richardson -- or the lack thereof. While Richardson took 21 percent of the first-place votes compared to Luck's 12, Stanford's quarterback earned more second-place (22 percent) and third-place (20) votes than any other candidate.

If those percentages translate to the official vote, it would give Luck and Richardson 924 points each, marking the first time in the award's 77-year history that there was a tie for second place. It would also make Stanford the first team to ever produce a Heisman runner-up three years in a row.

A couple of notes about the voting results, which you'll find below:

• Ballots were tabulated using the traditional Heisman voting formula, which awards three points to first place, two to second and one to third.

• It should be stated that LSU's Tyrann Mathieu was egregiously omitted from the poll, which was posted on the Monday before the SEC Championship Game. But readers still made the Honey Badger's presence felt, pushing the "other" option to seventh-place overall, one spot behind Houston's Case Keenum and one ahead of Boise State's Kellen Moore.