By Tony Pauline
January 02, 2012

Six bowl games remain, three of them BCS bowls, including the only bowls Tuesday (Sugar) and Wednesday (Orange). Below, a breakdown of the players to watch, as well as a projection as to where they'll be drafted. (*denotes underclassmen)

A full schedule of the 2011-12 bowl season can be found here.


David Molk, C (No. 50) -- Molk is highly considered by NFL scouts, who love his competitiveness and football intellect. He's not a dominant presence in the middle of the line, rather a blocker most effective in motion. Molk will be highly sought out by zone-blocking teams in April's draft. 3rd Round

Denard Robinson*, RB/WR/RS (No. 16) -- Robinson has been an electrifying college quarterback since stepping on the field his freshman season. Quarterback is the one position he won't play at the next level as scouts think Robinson is best suited to handle the ball at a variety of other skill positions. He reminds many of a faster, slicker version of former All-Pro Antwaan Randle El. 2nd Round

Craig Roh, DE-OLB (No. 88) -- Roh is a natural pass-rusher who consistently makes plays in the opponent's backfield. He's built more like an NBA power forward and possesses the athleticism to line up at multiple positions for an NFL defense. The junior comes off a disappointing season yet offers a tremendous amount of upside. 3rd/4th Round

Mike Martin, DT (No. 68) -- Martin is not as highly rated as other Wolverine defensive tackles from recent drafts yet much more polished and professional. The senior is ultracompetitive and plays hard through the whistle. He's not the greatest athlete, but Martin gets the most from his talents and would be a terrific addition to an NFL roster. 4th Round

Virginia Tech

Jayron Hosley*, CB (No. 20) -- The opportunistic cornerback has collected 12 interceptions the past two seasons and broken up another 16 passes. He's a feisty cover corner with terrific ball skills and a head for the game. Hosley lacks classic first-round size at the position but has starting potential for the next level. 2nd Round

David Wilson*, RB (No. 4) -- The Hokies consistently put quality running backs into the NFL draft, and Wilson is the latest edition. He's a slippery runner with a great burst through the hole and the ability to run to daylight. Wilson consistently picks up big chunks of yardage from the line of scrimmage and has a nose for the end zone. The junior possesses the skills to eventually develop into a primary ballcarrier at the next level. 2nd Round

Jaymes Brooks, G (No. 68) -- Brooks entered the season with high marks from NFL scouts and has lived up to expectations. He's a road grader in the middle of the field who also displays the ability to remove defenders off the line blocking in motion. Brooks needs to polish his game and improve his fundamentals yet has the potential to play in a variety of offenses at the next level. 3rd Round

Danny Coale, WR (No. 19) -- Coale is one of the more underrated receivers in the nation. He's a wideout with a complete game, displaying hands of glue, solid route-running skills and a willingness to block down the field. Coale plays smart, hard football, which will help him develop into a third receiver at the next level. 3rd/4th Round


Brandon Thompson, DT (No. 99) -- Thompson was rated as one of the top defensive tackles from the senior class before the season, and he's held onto that ranking. He's an explosive lineman opponents struggle to handle from the snap of the ball and a defender who plays hard until the whistle blows. Thompson will be a positive addition to a four-man defensive front at the next level. 1st Round

Dwayne Allen*, TE (No. 83) -- Allen has blossomed into one of the best pass-catching threats at tight end on draft boards. The junior has the speed to stretch the defense as evidenced by his 12-yard-per-catch average. He lacks classic size for the position but will be a combination move tight end/H-back in an NFL offense. 2nd Round

Andre Branch, DE-OLB (No. 40) -- Branch was graded as a late-round choice entering the season but has since changed that opinion after a knockout senior campaign. He posted an impressive 10.5 sacks, 16 tackles for loss and added 78 tackles. Branch is both forceful and athletic, making plays behind the line of scrimmage or in pursuit. His personality does not sit well with everyone yet Branch's ability to make big plays in the game's important moments is attractive. 2nd/3rd Round

Malliciah Goodman*, DE (No. 97) -- Goodman continues to improve his game and is now prominently on the radar screen in the scouting community. He's a well-sized and athletic defensive end who makes plays against the run and pass. Goodman ranked only behind Branch in sacks and tackles for loss last season. He possesses a terrific amount of upside and should only improve in time. 3rd/4th Round

West Virginia

Keith Tandy, CB (No. 8) -- The senior has been a full-time starter the past three seasons and improved every year he was on the field. He's a feisty cornerback who mixes it up with opponents throughout pass routes and also willingly defends the run. Tandy has the ability to impact as a starter in the NFL if he remains focused on the task at hand. 3rd Round

Bruce Irvin, DE-OLB (No. 11) -- Irvin burst on the scene as a junior-college transfer in 2010, posting 14 sacks, which ranked him second in the nation. Scouts gave Irvin a potential first-round grade entering the 2011 campaign, but things did not come as easy for the senior. He's a natural pass rusher at the top of his game with excellent quickness and speed. Irvin offers possibilities as a one-gap defensive end or pass-rushing linebacker and will see action at the next level once he gets his game back on track. 3rd Round

Tavon Austin*, WR (No. 1) -- The junior has been a multipurpose threat for the Mountaineers, leading the offense in receptions as well as punt and kick returns last season. He's an elusive skill player with the ability to create yardage when the ball is in his hands. Austin could be a devastating third receiver/return specialist once he gets into the NFL. 3rd Round

Julian Miller, DE (No. 97) -- Miller is a productive and improving defensive lineman who displayed an array of skills in college. He has the strength to hold the point, defend the run and gets penetration behind the line of scrimmage. Miller will get looks in a conventional defense at the next level as well as a two-gap end in the 3-4 alignment. 3rd/4th Round

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