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Hot Clicks: Brittany Binger; John Parr remakes St. Elmo's Fire for Tim Tebow

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The Packers offered stock in its franchise last month for just the fifth time in team history. Hot Clicks reader Arvind, of Winnipeg, went in for one share. And now comes this e-mail. "I just received my Packers certificate. Instead of saying 'Green Bay Packers, Inc.', it says 'Green BOY Packers, Inc.', all over the certificate. Kind of annoying, kind of hilarious. I wonder if the certificate is worth something now?" If anyone from the Packers is reading this, please send Arvind a new certificate.

Oh, Boy

Green Packers certificate

Hot Clicks has posted many Tim Tebow song parodies. However, this is the first time we have a song parody performed by the artist who performed the original tune. John Parr, who sang the '80s classic St. Elmo's Fire, has remade his 1985 No. 1 hit intoTim Tebow's Fire. In other Tebow news, here's his overtime touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas in Tecmo Super Bowl form.

Tebow Of The Day

Broncos vs. Patriots. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick vs. Tim Tebow. It's the perfect recipe for a classic photo story.

Story Time

Brittany Binger is a model who got engaged to Indians outfielder Grady Sizemore over the holidays. This seems like a good reason to make her today's LLOD. (Thanks to Kevin, of Mansfield, Ohio, for the tip.)

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Brittany Binger :: Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

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If you want to watch baseball players Nick Swisher, Hanley Ramirez, Andre Ethier and Dustin Pedroia in one of the cheesiest commercials you'll ever see, this link is for you.

Breaking Down Swag

If you know a guy who wears nothing but plaid shirts, send him this video.

Music Video Of The Day

Vince, the Slap Chop guy who had some trouble with the law a little while back, has returned to pushing questionable products. This time, it's the Schticky. (Thanks to Dan T., of Ypsilanti, Mich., for the video.)

Commercial Of The Day

This seems like a good way to turn a page.

Contraption Video Of The Day