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Bruins bounce back to top spot

For much of the 1990s and mid-2000s, the Original Six teams seemed lost in the league they helped found. Other than the Detroit Red Wings, Original Six cities were circled on opponents' schedules as an easy two points. But that was then.

Now, four of the Original Six are in the top six of this week's Power Rankings. The other two -- Toronto and Montreal -- well, not quite. But the Maple Leafs check in with a respectable ranking, and Montreal will always be relevant to any hockey discussion. So let's hear it for the old guard this week.

A DISCLAIMER (of sorts): These rankings are based not just on each team's record at the moment, but an empirically tested formula that includes a) realistic near-term future expectations; b) consensus talent level and payroll considerations and; c) whatever the Magic 8-Ball I've had since I was seven years old tells me will happen. One more thing: Rest assured, I don't have it in for your team. OK, so I once hated the Philadelphia Flyers with a passion bordering on the psychotic, but that was 30-something years ago and Dave Schultz has long since retired. I welcome your emails to the link attached to my name above, and I always respond -- even to the ones that start with "Dear Idiot."

And now, your list:

NHL Power Rankings

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