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Hot Clicks: Adriana Lima; Shaquille O'Neal dances in his underwear on TV

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Here you go.

Anybody Wanna See Shaq Dancing In His Underwear On Inside The NBA?

Shaquille O'Neal

The Celtics came back from a 27-point deficit last night to beat the Magic, 91-83. This caused Boston forward Kevin Garnettto lose his mind during a postgame interview with TNT's Craig Sager.

"Bar Fight! Bar Fight! Bar Fight!"

Earlier this week, Hot Clicks linked to a tremendous video of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski trying -- painfully -- to do an interview in Spanish and English. In typical Gronk fashion, he finally addressed the interview with this Tweet last night. In other Gronk news, this tribute song is a combination of catchy and creepy, while this Gronk remix/mashup is pretty solid.


Why is Adriana Lima laying on a table half naked in the above pic? I have no idea. But I do know that you'll want to see this new photoshoot she did for Victoria's Secret.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Adriana Lima :: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

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