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Michigan St., Duke inch up latest installment of Power Rankings

It's been 19 days since the adidas JS Wings "Stars and Stripes" came out, and no one's been bold enough to wear them in a game. We're looking at you, three-stripe teams (Kansas, Baylor, UCLA, Michigan, Wisconsin)! Wings might just be your only way to one-up the Platinum Army.

NCAA Basketball Power Rankings

The Next 17: 17. New Mexico, 18. Indiana, 19. Wisconsin, 20. Florida, 21. Louisville, 22. Murray State, 23. St. Louis, 24. Virginia, 25. UNLV, 26. Gonzaga, 27. San Diego State, 28. Saint Louis, 29. Cal, 30. Memphis, 31. Creighton, 32. Washington, 33. Harvard