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Hot Clicks: Elsa Hosk; Alexander Ovechkin's mom ruining his game?


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After averaging over 100 points his first four seasons, Capitals LW Alexander Ovechkin fell to 85 points last year and has 51 points with just 13 games remaining in the season. Why the sudden decline? While some think it's because he toned down his reckless style of play for a more controlled game and others believe the team's former coach Bruce Boudreau stifled his confidence, the Washington Post has another theory: His mom screwed him up. According to a recent expose, his mom is "in his life in many other areas -- relationships with girls, with friends, with everyone. It's bizarre."

Mama's Boy

Alex Ovechkin :: Simon Bruty/SI

I was all set to hand out my "Best Sports-Related Strip Club Story of 2012" to Dennis Rodmanand his topless basketball team but the Worm has been replaced by the fine folks at Jet Strip in Lennox. Calif. The jiggle joint donated $1,200 to keep the 300 kids who make up the Lennox Little League on the field after the fees to use the field were doubled by the local school district.

You Thought Strip Clubs Didn't Care About Kids?

The 10 most memorable March Madness moments of all time ... Here's a bracket of 64 cartoon characters and you can vote on the best one ... Kansas won the 2012 March Madness social media power rankings ... Fox News estimates that $175 million will be lost in productivity over the first two days of the tournament.

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Cyrus from Boulder kindly requested I make Victoria's Secret model Elsa Hosk the Lovely Lady of the Day. After doing some research, I have decided to fulfill his request.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Elsa Hosk :: Randy Brooke/Getty Images

A Jeopardy contestant from Nebraska was told he answered a question incorrectly when he pronounced Wimbledon as Wimble-TON instead of Wimble-DIN.

I'll Take Ridiculous for $200

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When I'm not filling in for Jimmy on Hot Clicks, I run the SI Vault and like to post old photos of athletes to my Twitter feed and Tumblr blog. With the North Carolina football program facing a one-year postseason ban, it seemed appropriate to bust out this photo of UNC linebacker Lawrence Taylor chasing down the quarterback during a 1978 game against Maryland.

Photo of the Day

Tony Romoplayed in an indoor soccer game in Lewisville, Texas last night ... Andrew Luck's first Nike video is out ... This Redskins fan is very excited about Robert Griffin III ... Kris Humphriesis demanding $7 million from Kim Kardashian or she'll endure an ugly, public trial.

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The Wizards center takes a pass off the head during last night's game against the Spurs. Speaking of McGee, Cosby Sweaters has collected the center's eight dumbest plays.

JaVale McGee Video Of The Day

Iowa's Andre Brommer converts a backwards (nearly) full-court shot.

Trick Shot Of The Day

Nearly 20,000 fans of the Portland Timbers join together to sing the National Anthem. More teams should do this.

National Anthem Video Of The Day