Hot Clicks: Lais Ribeiro; Kentucky beats Kansas for national title

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I know I'm supposed to lead off with Kentucky's win over Kansas last night, but the game stunk (the rating last night was down 9 percent from last year's title game), the tournament overall was a dud, and all anyone's talking about today are the Wildcats fans who celebrated the win by rioting, which I don't understand on any level. So, other than telling you that the picture above shows how two Kentucky fans reacted to a basket in the FIRST half, I have nothing else on the game.

Moving On...

Kentucky fans:: AP

Talk about a swift turn of events. A few weeks ago, Jeremy Lin was the king of New York. Now, some of his merchandise is selling for 90 percent off. Give Lin credit, though, for using social media to keep fans updated on his status. Yesterday, he tweeted this picture of himself in his hospital bed. Later on, he tried to do a Q&A with fans despite being on painkillers, but had to end it once he puked.

Remember Linsanity?

Nike is releasing new NFL uniforms today (hopefully we'll have pictures in time for P.M. Hot Clicks). This is what the new Panthers helmet reportedly looks like.

NFL's Fashion Makeover

Brazilian model Lais Ribeiro just did this photoshoot for Victoria's Secret.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Lais Ribeiro :: WWD/Condé Nast/Corbis

Usually we just feature a bizarre tattoo, but this item has a twist. Soccer star David Beckham has many tattoos, but a provocative one of his wife, Victoria, has caused controversy in the Britain school system.

Tattoo Story Of The Day

After it was revealed last week that actress Alicia Silverstonechews her kid's food and then spits it into his mouth, the late-night host asked his viewers to do this with their children and upload the videos to YouTube. This is the result.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day

Singer Kimberly Cole recently held auditions for dancers to appear in her new music video. One guy stood out in the crowd.

Intense Dancer Video Of The Day

Fortunately for us, Maria lost that mask she wore last week and got back to providing us with a must-see performance last night.

Maria Menounos Video Of The Day