Hot Clicks: Rosie Jones; Stan Van Gundy-Dwight Howard awkward press conference

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During his press conference after practice this morning, Magic coach Stan Van Gundy told reporters that Dwight Howard had tried to get him fired. Van Gundy revealed that people in Orlando's management had told this was the case. This was odd enough. Then Howard strolled over to join the press conference, and things got really weird.

Awk. Ward.

Stan Van Gundy, Dwight Howard :: YouTube

Which baseball manager just described his road itinerary this way: "I go to the hotel bar, get drunk, sleep."?

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With the baseball under way, you may want to follow your favorite players on Twitter. Here's a list of 350 players who have accounts with the social network service.

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Mike (no hometown given), says, "Just found out the soon-to-be wife (now ex) cheated on me. This has been just a terrible week so far. Can you please make British model and all-around hottie Rosie Jones LLOD for a heartbroken man? She has a smile that can lift any man's sorrows." I'm not gonna lie. My B.S. meter went up on this one. I mean, on one hand I'm flattered that Mike has come to Hot Clicks while feeling down. On the other hand, I'm a bit frightened that Mike would come to Hot Clicks when he's a little down. Regardless of whether the story is true, Rosie Jones always makes for a fine LLOD choice.

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Rosie Jones ::

Nets forward Kris Humphries has been given a hard time from NBA fans this year for his association with Kim Kardashian. (At least, I assume that's the reason he gets booed when the team is on the road.) I imagine some creative fans will now use these bizarre photos to taunt Humphries.

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Last season, New Era made a series of commercials starring Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski as battling Yankees and Red Sox fans. This season, the company has called on Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman and The Office's Craig Robinson to do the honors for the Cubs and White Sox.

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Bow down to this seven-year-old. (Thanks to Frank, of Hoboken, N.J., for the video.)

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