Hot Clicks: Jaime Edmondson; Robert Griffin awkward encounter with Alex Morgan

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Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III, who is expected to go No. 2 overall to the Redskins in Thursday's NFL Draft, can do it all on the field. But off the field is a different story. Griffin recently had quite the faux pas when he took to Twitter to let all his followers know that he met U.S. national team soccer star Alex Morgan, who shook Griffin's hand and told him she was a big fan. There was only one problem: It wasn't Morgan.


Robert Griffin III :: Todd Rosenberg/SI

Actually, this is more embarrassing than awkward. Fox Sports Radio's Mike Dunsmore did a lengthy interview last week with Canucks forward Ryan Kesler where Kesler said he American fans were better than Canadian fans. The only problem was that it wasn't Kesler.

More Awkwardness

The Panthers have said they'll no longer sell plastic rats at their arena because they're afraid Devils' fans will throw them onto the ice in order to get Florida a delay of game penalty.

This Is What Sports Have Come To

You may have heard that today is the five-year anniversary of Hot Clicks. Yup, I have to plug it again and provide you the link to our anniversary addition yet again. For those of you who've already read it, you know that the week Jaime Edmondson was featured in Hot Clicks came in as our No. 2 most memorable moment over the past five years. To celebrate that honor, Jaime has checked in with Hot Clicks and has two messages for you. One, she wants you to know that she's teamed up with boyfriend Evan Longoriato help an animal shelter in the St. Petersburg area, and Longoria is donating $100 to the shelter for every homer he hits this year. Two, she sent along this video wishing Hot Clicks a happy anniversary. Obviously, that automatically gets her today's LLOD honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Jaime Edmondson :: Josh Ryan

In addition to our anniversary edition, we also posted a regular A.M. Hot Clicks today. In that edition, we covered the nasty elbow Ron Artest threw at Thunder guard James Harden on Sunday. Here are six GIFs of other physical moments in Artest's career.

Aggression Issues

Just an excellent videobomb during Sunday's Rangers-Tigers game.

Sports Video Of The Day

Loyal readers know I'm not a fan of trick-shot videos. However, I couldn't pass this one up since it features the use of marshmallows. (Thanks to Joey D., of Glen Rock, N.J., for the video.)

Trick-Shot Video Of The Day

This video is a few months old, but I just saw it today for the first time. It features a bunch of very random celebrities doing the Carlton Dance to an original Carlton Dance song. (Thanks to Isaac R., for the tip.)

Carlton Dance Video Of The Day