Hot Clicks: Kayla Collins; website offers $1 million to anyone who sleeps with Tim Tebow

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I knew when Tim Tebow was traded to the Jets the insanity around him would get ratcheted up. But this is taking things to another level. A website is offering $1 million to any woman who can prove she's had sex with the Jets quarterback. If Tebow is smart, he'll help a female friend make the claim and then split the money with her for an easy $500,000.

We Have Reached A Low Point

Tim Tebow :: Nick Laham/Getty Images

Twitter has made some people lose their minds. A sign of this happening are people becoming obsessed with everyone's number of followers, including their own. This problem strikes people of all walks of life, as proven by Panthers COO Michael Yormark. As we told you the other day, the Panthers stopped selling plastic rats at their home games because they thought Devils fans were throwing them on the ice in hopes of getting Florida a delay of game penalty. This upset one New Jersey fan, who took to Twitter to voice her displeasure (albeit, not in a nice way). Yormark, who is Florida PRESIDENT, responded by telling the fan she only had 70 followers so no one cares what she thinks. Yes, this is what the team president of a professional sports team is doing with his time. However, things ended up working out just fine for the Devils fan.

Not Very Presidential

Two Phillies fans went to last night's game in Arizona wearing wrestling masks, one of which had a cheesesteak attached to it. I can't believe I just typed that sentence. Anyway, for some hilarity, check out the duo walking through the crowd to get a reaction and getting absolutely none.

Oh, Those Wacky Philly Fans

Brad Liu, of Maui, says, "In honor of Chelsea upsetting Barcelona on Tuesday, I nominate a Chelsea FC WAG for Hot Clicks. Let's go with Ashley Cole's ex, Kayla Collins." Sounds good to me.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Kayla Collins :: Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Listen to Sky Sports analyst Gary Neville moan with joy when Chelsea scores.

Speaking Of Chelsea-Barcelona...

Kate Upton, ever hear of her? I'll be interviewing her tonight and I'd like for all questions to come from you, Hot Clicks Nation. Submit questions for Kate below or e-mail them to me at

Want To Ask Kate Upton A Question?

Virginia Tech running back David Wilson, who is expected to be drafted in the opening rounds, made a last-minute push to move up the draft board by doing a bunch backflips WITHOUT HANDS. (Thanks to Thomas, of New York City, for the video.)

Sports Video Of The Day

This is one of the dangers of hard-hitting journalism.

Live TV Video Of The Day

Here's the deal: If you dislike President Obama, skip this video and move on with your Internet surfing. If you don't dislike the President, here he is slow jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon last night. And, yes, there is a Tim Tebow mention.

Jimmy Fallon Video Of The Day