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Hot Clicks: Alyssa Miller; Allen Iverson returns to Philadelphia

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Sixers legend Allen Iverson returned to Philly last night for Game 6 of the team's playoff series against the Celtics. The sight of Iverson, sporting a Lou Williams jersey, whipped the crowd into a frenzy, which made for a great scene at the Wells Fargo Center.

You Can Go Home Again

Allen Iverson :: AP

This Kobe Bryant fan turned Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know into The Kobe That We Used To Know, and it's pretty damn good.

Song Parody Of The Day

In yesterday's A.M. Hot Clicks, I mentioned the low ratings for the NHL Conference Finals. Apparently, NBC is concerned about the numbers, too, because they banned the Devils and Rangers from having viewing parties, according to this report. Way to cater to your fans and help promote your own sport!

This Sounds Like Something MLB Would Do

Here is a brand new photoshoot from SI Swimsuit model Alyssa Miller.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Alyssa Miller :: SI

Want to buy a Roy Halladay bobblehead? MLB's official site has them for sale. There's only one problem. Whoever made them turned Halladay into a left-hander.

Someone Is Getting Fired

The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)has decided that women can't handle a regular NHL telecast, so the network is offering female fans an alternate feed during games featuring two women talking about things like coaches who need a makeover.

Here's One Way To Insult Your Audience

I have a Matt Groening-signed Simpsons skateboard, provided by Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and Santa Cruz Skateboards, to give away. First person to answer these questions correcty wins the skateboard. You must e-mail me ( the answer and put "Contest" in the subject line. If you fill out the form below, you will be disqualified. All answers come from recent editions of Hot Clicks.

1. Which NFL player recently tweeted the reesults of his HIV test?

2. The L.A. Kings sent playoff tickets in jello to which actor?

3. Which Broadway play did Tim Tebow see this past weekend?

4. I recently featured a video of a colleague's cubicle. What is the name of that colleague?

5. Which actress became more attractive in our eyes after an interview with David Letterman?UPDATE, 2:40 pm: Contest is over. Joe Stroup, of Indiana, was the winner. Answers were 1. David Clowney; 2. Rainn Wilson; 3. Rock of Ages; 4. Bryan Graham; 5. Lea Michele.

Giveaway Of The Day

Simpsons skateboard

This video is on all the big sites today. It's pro wrestlers fighting inanimate objects, and it's wonderful.

Sports Video Of The Day

The long, painful nightmare of ketchup users everywhere might be over. Someone has finally invented a bottle in which the condiment flows out like a steady steam. (Thanks to The Daily What for the video.)

Ketchup Video Of The Day