Hot Clicks: Angelica Haas; kid mails Brandon Jacobs $3.36 to return to Giants

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I don't often link to straight columns in Hot Clicks, but if you missed this piece on Reds first basemanJoey Votto from's Tom Verducci, you missed two of the most amazing stats you'll ever see: 1) Votto has not popped up to the infield all season, and he's popped out to the infield just three times in 2,138 plate appearances over the past four seasons. 2) Votto has pulled a ball foul into the stands only ONCE in his entire major league career. That. Is. Insane.

How Is This Possible?

Joey Votto :: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

A six-year-old boy was not happy that running back Brandon Jacobs left the Giants to sign with the Niners. The kid recently took matters into his own hands and sent Jacobs $3.36 to help lure him back to New York.

But You're Not Supposed To Send Cash In The Mail

I got in all sorts of trouble on Twitter a few nights ago after saying I was rooting for the Heat to beat the Celtics because I don't like Kevin Garnett's antics. Since I'm only allowed 140 characters on Twitter, I'll do this here. For the record, I'm NOT on the Heat bandwagon. If they pull off a comeback and beat Boston, I will root HARD for San Antonio or (hopefully) Oklahoma City. As for my anti-Celtics stand, it has nothing to do with me being a Yankees fan, as some people philosophized. (I hate the Red Sox, not everything in Boston. I've given Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Bill Belichick tons of love over the years, so that theory is dumb.) I simply think this Celtics team, led by Garnett and Paul Pierce, whines a lot. And I'm not a fan of Garnett's over-the-top behavior. I can totally get why fans in Boston love this, and they should. But I'm not a Celtics fan, so it irritates me. As for what I mean by "over-the-top behavior," check this compilation by's of Garnett's 15 craziest moments.

Garnett's Crazy Moments

Angelica Haas is a model from Houston, and very well deserving of today's Lovely Lady of the Day.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Angelica Haas ::

Euro 2012 begins Friday. If you need a primer, this rundown, compares the teams/countries to bands. And here's one that covers the WAGs of the tournament.

Very Important Previews has compiled videos of the last 10 Stanley Cup winners celebrating their championship win.

With The Kings On The Verge...

Tim Tebow attended a charity event in New York City on Monday night, which included this so-awkward-it's-entertaining interview. It's not really Tebow's fault, though. The interview seemed downright flustered by dreamy Timmy.

Sports Video Of The Day

Via comes this very important lesson for all of us who take videos with our phones.

Public Service Video Of The Day