Hot Clicks: Natalia Siwiec; Chicken Yankees take series from Mets

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Sorry to bother all the non-New Yorkers out there with this dumb story, but it was a slow weekend. Anyway, Mets closer Frank Francisco called the Yankees "chickens" before the Subway Series started on Friday. I know I shouldn't be surprised the New York media would go crazy with that quote, but for three straight days, it's been chicken this and chicken that, and cluck this and cluck that, blah, blah, blah. For some reason, the Mets fed into the frenzy by bringing a chicken in the clubhouse Saturday and naming it "Little Jerry Seinfeld." The team then held a press conference on Sunday to announce the chicken was being donated to some farm. And during Sunday night's game, Jerry Seinfeld himself was tweeting about the stupid chicken. In the end, however, while the Mets were focusing on poultry, the Yankees took two out of three games at Citi Field (and even scored five earned runs off the red-hot R.A. Dickey). Also, Francisco ended up on the disabled list on Saturday. But at least the Mets had fun with a chicken.

Karma At Play?

Tim Byrdak :: Elsa/Getty Images

After blowing a save against the Rays on Saturday, Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbonoffered $5,000 to any teammate who could hit a game-winning homer. Slugger Jim Thome wasted no time, going yard to lead off the bottom of the ninth.

Pay Up

The Dolphins have given their players iPads with the team's plays on them instead of the typical playbook. However, if anyone on Miami's roster thinks they've gotten a nice perk, they are mistaken. The team announced it will fine players $10,000 if they're caught accessing "unauthorized" websites on the device.

There's No Way This Ends Well

Ever since Euro 2012 started, I've been bombarded with e-mails asking me to one day feature Polish model Natalia Siwiec, who is some sort of superfan. Today is that day.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Natalia Siwiec :: Oliver Weiken/epa/Corbis

Earlier this baseball season, a fan mooned the camera during a pitch to Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper. During the England-Italy game on Sunday, a fan flashed something else.

Speaking Of Euro 2012....

Miami radio host Dan LeBatardunleashed quite a long, loud rant last Friday morning about the Heat winning the NBA title.

But How Does He Really Feel

After A's catcher Derek Norris hit a three-run walkoff homer against the Giants yesterday, his teammates basically assaulted him during a postgame interview.

Sports Video Of The Day

Mitch Daniels is the Governor of Indiana. Over the weekend, Fox News got him mixed up with someone.

Blooper Of The Day