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Hot Clicks: Bruce Bochy compares Pablo Sandoval to fat Little Leaguer

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When asked earlier today about the risk in playing Pablo Sandoval at first base, Giants skipper Bruce Bochycompared Kung Fu Panda to the fat kid in Little League.

Not Nice

Pablo Sandoval :: Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Cleveland comedian Mike Polk, who was first featured in Hot Clicks in 2009, usually does his best work mocking the Browns, but his latest endeavor takes aim at the Indians and their "What If" campaign.

At Least The Browns Got A New Owner Today

Dolphins receiver Chad Johnsonsays he may go into porn.

Of Course

After reading my feelings on the Long Island Railroad in today's A.M. Hot Clicks, I received this e-mail from a reader who I will keep anonymous for obvious reason. "Hey, Jimmy, I work for Long Island Rail Road, so needless to say, I was quite offended by your rant this morning. Just kidding, I agree with all your sentiments. I work for a second-rate company who is stuck in the stone ages with WWI-level technology. Imagine riding the LIRR as your job. To ease my pain, can you make Jessica Stroup the LLOD?" Part of me wants to deny the request just in case this is one of the guys who makes sure to check your ticket even when the train is packed to the rafters and is standing room only, but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and make actress Jessica Stroup today's LLOD.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Jessica Stroup :: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

Several MLB teams had their Facebook pages hacked this afternoon. I quickly realized this when I got a flurry of tweets about some Derek Jeter "news."

Here's One Way To Make Facebook Interesting

I don't know if this is real or fake, but for swimmer Ryan Lochte's sake, I hope it's fake.

Sports Video Of The Day

Kevin, of Silver Spring, Md., says, "Hey, Jimmy. In the true spirit of the Olympics, it would be a shame to let these true athletes go unseen. Enjoy!"

Olympians Video Of The Day