Hot Clicks: Kenny Britt Instagrams picture of his fine notice; Tamara Lazic

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Today is Deion Sanders' 45th birthday. To honor the two-sport star and singer, has compiled the 50 funniest athlete music videos of all time.

When Athletes Moonlight

Must Be the Money

If you've ever wanted to see what the notice looks like when an NFL team fines one of its players, you're in luck thanks to Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt, who Instagramed a photo of it while ripping Tennessee at the same time.

Will There Be A Fine For Exposing The Fine?

When Mariners outfielder Eric Thames went after a Chris Davis fly ball last night, sparks flew. Literally.


Serbian model Tamara Lazic gets today's LLOD honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Tamara Lazic :: Venturelli/Getty Images

Have any of you seen the horse in the hotel room?

Craigslist Ad Of The Day

In today's A.M. Hot Clicks, we posted the Taiwanese animation take on Ryan Lochte. Here is Lochte starring as himself in this Funny or Die video.

Sports Video Of The Day

Peeing in Pools with Ryan Lochte from Ryan Lochte

I bet you've never seen a spare like this. (Thanks to Jeff, of Springville, N.Y., for the video.)

Bowling Video Of The Day