Hot Clicks: Kris Humphries serves Kanye West deposition in Nordstrom's box

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What would some of the all-time great NBA players look like had tattoos been in vogue back in their day? has a look.

Tats Imagination

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Check out this story (and pictures) about a dad who finished a triathlon while carrying his 13-year-old daughter afflicted with cerebral palsy.

If You're In The Mood To Get Verklempt...

We did our fantasy football draft last week. We always put the names of the 14 owners in one bucket and Nos. 1-14 in another bucket and pick a name and number at the same time to determine the slot. This year's draft order was mired in controversy as commissioner Paul Forrester, who edits our fantasy section, forgot to put the No. 7 in the bucket. Let me repeat: HE FORGOT THE No. 7! Therefore, we had to redo our entire draft order, which caused Ben Eagle, who edits's /basketball/nba/NBA section, to go from the first pick in our draft to the 11th. I'm telling you all this because I'm going to propose that next season we use the Orioles way of determining fantasy football draft order: a crab race.

Crabs Can Be Helpful

Fitness model Kelsey Byers is today's LLOD.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

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Nets forward Kris Humphries refuses to give Kim Kardashian a divorce until she admits their wedding was a sham. Humphries' representatives mean business, too. They tricked Kardashian's current boyfriend, Kanye West, by slipping him a deposition in a Nordstrom's box.


I don't want to oversell this one, but legendary announcer Vin Scully joined me on the newest edition of The Hot Clicks Podcast, and it was glorious. The Hall of Fame broadcaster reminisced about his 63 years with the Dodgers and his time calling the NFL, while sharing his philosophy on why he likes a one-man booth and why he doesn't have any favorite announcers. You can listen to the podcast via the player below, download it on iTunes or download it to your mp3 player.

The Hot Clicks Podcast

Check out the horse who channels his inner Mike Tyson.

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Here's a Formula One car that plays the national anthem.

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