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Twitter Swimsuit Q&A

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The Twitter Grid: Swimsuit Edition

We asked a a group of SI swimsuit models about their habits and experience on Twitter. Here's how they responded.

The Cast

When did you join Twitter?

  • HENDERSONMarch, 2009

  • MEREDITHNovember, 2011

  • TEIGENMay 11, 2009. I didn't just know that, I promise. I had to look it up on a website!

  • AGDALNovember, 2011

Who introduced you to Twitter?

  • HENDERSONI cant remember; it was over 3 years ago.

  • MEREDITHFriends/managers.

  • TEIGENNot sure. God?

  • AGDALMost of the friends I met in America use Twitter and they told me about it.

How often do you check Twitter?

  • HENDERSONDepends on the day. I always check Twitter when I'm in a cab so it all depends on how many taxis I take in a day.

  • MEREDITHWhen the red light blinks on my phone lol ... or if I'm in a taxi and bored.

  • TEIGENIt varies. If I'm working, rarely. If I'm not, anywhere between every 30 seconds to every 10 minutes. Oh, sad.

  • AGDALEveryday, like six times a day

Do you respond to people you don't know?

  • HENDERSONNot normally but sometimes I am feeling generous and feel like responding.

  • MEREDITHYes, if they congratulate me on something and seem friendly. Gotta love the tweeps!

  • TEIGENAll the time! Especially when they're funny. The crazy part is I would consider some people "my friends" when I have never met them. If you talk to someone every day for three years, you kinda feel that way!

  • AGDALYes, thats one of the fun things about it. It's an easy way just to chat with people about everything.

My three favorite people to follow?

  • HENDERSON@FunnyFacts, @Sh--ModelsSay, and @ChrissyTeigen (she's always up to no good)

  • MEREDITH@missjillscott, @misshollistics, @Sports Illustrated

  • TEIGEN@JennyJohnsonhi5, @Jennyandteets, @RobDelaney, @MeganAmram, @ColinHanks, @DamienFahey

  • AGDAL@ChrissyTeigen (her tweets are hilarious or she posts picture of food. Yum.); Fitness (posts about health, motivation and staying in shape. It actually motivates me sometimes to go to the gym and not eat that pizza in front of me. Even though the opposite happens, too); Dalai Lama (he is one wise man and always makes me think about depper perspectives in life).

Three people you wouldn't think I follow are...

  • HENDERSON@FillWerrell, @ChrisMannixSI, and @YesImWaspy

  • MEREDITHDidn't answer

  • TEIGENVanillaIce, The Rock, a penguin.

  • AGDALDJ Mark Knight. I follow a lot of DJs. I think they are almost the only musicians I follow. I love electronic music, so I like to see what everyone is up to!). The Miami Heat. You might not know this but I am huge into basketball and it's an easy way to stay updated since I dont spend much time in Miami or am on a laptop).

Have you ever met a celebrity/athlete through Twitter?



  • TEIGENDefinitely.

  • AGDALI have been in contact with a lot of people on Twitter; some of them you could probably call celebrities.

One person you wish was on Twitter?

  • HENDERSONNo one. Everyone is on Twitter now.

  • MEREDITHDon't be silly. Everyone is on Twitter:)

  • TEIGENI truly cannot think of an answer for this.

  • AGDALI can't think of anyone.

Have you ever been in a Twitter feud?

  • HENDERSONI have had people try and start feuds but I never respond to them.

  • MEREDITHNo. I don't entertain ignorance.

  • TEIGENAre you kidding? That IS my twitter.

  • AGDALNo. If someone says something negative or if I don't agree, I've kept a low profile. I don't see anything good coming out of it. I don't have the energy for that kind of drama. But I think it can be fun to see someone else discuss!