Twitter Swimsuit Q&A

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The Twitter Grid: Swimsuit Edition

We asked a group of SI swimsuit models about their experiences on Twitter. Here's how they responded:

The Cast

When did you join Twitter?

  • HENDERSONMarch 2009.

  • MEREDITHNovember 2011.

  • TEIGENMay 11, 2009. I didn't just know that, I promise. I had to look it up on a website!

  • AGDALNovember 2011.

Who introduced you to Twitter?

  • HENDERSONI can't remember. It was over three years ago.

  • MEREDITHFriends and managers.

  • TEIGENNot sure. God?

  • AGDALMost of the friends I've met in America use Twitter and they told me about it.

How often do you check Twitter?

  • HENDERSONDepends on the day. I always check Twitter when I'm in a cab so it all depends on how many taxis I take in a day.

  • MEREDITHWhen the red light blinks on my phone (lol!). Or if I'm in a taxi and bored.

  • TEIGENIt varies. If I'm working, rarely. If I'm not, anywhere between every 30 seconds to every 10 minutes. Oh, sad.

  • AGDALEveryday ... like six times a day.

Do you respond to people you don't know?

  • HENDERSONNot normally but sometimes I am feeling generous and will respond.

  • MEREDITHYes, if they congratulate me on something and seem friendly. Gotta love the tweeps!

  • TEIGENAll the time! Especially when they're funny. The crazy part is I would consider some people "my friends" when I have never met them. If you talk to someone every day for three years, you kinda feel that way!

  • AGDALYes, that's one of the fun things about it. It's an easy way just to chat with people about everything.

My three favorite people to follow?

Three people you wouldn't think I follow are...

Have you ever met a celebrity/athlete through Twitter?



  • TEIGENDefinitely.

  • AGDALI have been in contact with a lot of people on Twitter. Some of them you could probably call celebrities.

One person you wish was on Twitter?

  • HENDERSONNo one. Everyone is on Twitter now.

  • MEREDITHDon't be silly. Everyone is on Twitter:)

  • TEIGENI truly cannot think of an answer for this.

  • AGDALI can't think of anyone.

Have you ever been in a Twitter feud?

  • HENDERSONI've had people try and start feuds but I've never responded to them.

  • MEREDITHNo. I don't entertain ignorance.

  • TEIGENAre you kidding? That IS my twitter.

  • AGDALNo. I don't have the energy for that kind of drama. But I think it can be fun to see someone else feud.