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Daily Jolt: Has Tebow time arrived for Jets?

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Monday, October 29

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Tebow time arrived at last for Jets?

Mark Sanchez again struggled in a dispiriting loss Sunday, complete with boos raining down from Jets fans and more calls for Tim Tebow. Sometimes change for the sake of change works, and after four losses in five games, including two blowout defeats at home, change is in order. The biggest argument against benching Sanchez is that it will destroy him psychologically, to the point that he never will be a viable starter again. Nonsense. More established players than Sanchez have been asked to chill on the bench -- even Alex Rodriguez! -- and many eventually have returned successfully. And if a benching does ruin Sanchez emotionally, he wasn't suited to the role of long-term New York quarterback in the first place. (Newsday)Comment

Disconnect with Celtics hurts Allen

Ray Allen has fled from Boston, taking a well-documented set of complaints -- and a few possibly fractured relationships with him. [Kevin Garnett] said he no longer has Allen's number. It might be worth watching Garnett's first pick on Allen. The C's center has that sinister way of sticking a hip into opponents he doesn't care about, let alone a teammate who left to play for a hated rival. ... "He probably doesn't have my number anymore," Allen said after a brief hesitation. "That doesn't make me think negatively of him. No matter what someone says, it doesn't change what we did in five years. That's why the disconnect hurts. But I was 30 minutes into being in Memphis last year. There were so many times I was on the trade block, it was unbelievable." (Boston Herald)Comment

Leyland's future unclear

This much, we know: The Tigers will be Jim Leyland's last stop as an MLB manager. Whether his tenure with the Tigers will continue should be known very soon, though all indications seem to be that he will be back. "I, for one, am extremely glad he's coming back," Justin Verlander said Sunday night after Game 4 of the World Series. "I love playing for him. It's an honor. In my opinion, he's going to be a Hall of Fame manager." ... When asked if he thought he would be back, Leyland didn't make it sound as crystal clear as Verlander did. "I don't really know that," Leyland said. "We're going to talk about some things in a day or so and I'm sure they'll have some type of an announcement." (

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