Daily Jolt: Stunned Cavs open to dealing top pick

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Wednesday, May 22

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Stunned Cavs open to dealing top pick

Cleveland hasn't won a whole lot lately, which is how it wound up with Tuesday's win in the lottery in the first place. When the Cavaliers learned they would have the No. 1 pick for the second time in two years thanks to a lucky lottery draw, it was mostly disbelief. ... An already-young roster paired with what is generally considered to be a weak draft means that questions already are being asked about whether the Cavaliers will trade the No. 1 pick. The top selection in the draft has only been traded once in the lottery era, in 1993. "We're open," [Chris Grant] said. "We're going to look at all our options and make the decision based on what's best for the franchise -- short-term and long-term." (The Plain Dealer)Comment

Lee prepared to leave Philly?

Phillies star Cliff Lee is zooming out a bit, putting his future in a larger context. [Lee] said he "hopes" the Phillies turn it around, and it wouldn't do him any good to think about the alternative. But if the alternative does come to pass, and he does go on the trading block, it sounds like Lee can deal with it. There's a list of only nine teams to which Lee can be traded without his consent, but he's been traded before and it doesn't sound like it's something that would faze him -- or, under the right circumstances, especially bother him. "I definitely want to win. I want to be on a winning team," Lee said when asked about the possibility of being traded before the Phillies were to play the Marlins on Tuesday night. (CBS Sports)Comment

Bridgewater begs out of Heisman campaign

So much for websites and billboards celebrating the many accomplishments of Teddy Bridgewater. [Bridgewater] doesn't ask for much. So when he told University of Louisville football coach Charlie Strong and offensive coordinator Shawn Watson that he wanted to ask something of them, they listened. What he asked for was a bit of a surprise. ... [Sitting] with Strong and Watson, Bridgewater asked that the school not mount a Heisman Trophy campaign for him, but instead have any emphasis or publicity include the team as whole. That's right. Bridgewater gave a stiff arm to the stiff arm trophy, or at least, to the surrounding hype. And Strong says he will respect his player's wishes. "We're going to let Teddy go and play," Strong said. (WDRB.com)Comment

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Tyler Seguin (No. 19) and Milan Lucic warm up before the Boston Bruins' Game 3 contest against the New York Rangers. The Bruins won, 2-1, to take a 3-0 series lead. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

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Mike Trout hit for his first career cycle on Tuesday night, as the Angels beat the Mariners 12-0. His final hit of the night was a home run. This is what the blast looked like from the stands.

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