By Richard Deitsch
June 23, 2013
Terry Bradshaw is opening and starring in his 70-minute show about his life told through song in Las Vegas this weekend.
NBC/Getty Images
LaDainian Tomlinson contributed to NFL Network last fall after his retirement and will be back with an expanded role this fall.
Kent Horner/Getty Images

10e. The Dan Patrick Show has traditionally been the radio home for departed ESPN employees to hold an exit interview of sorts after leaving Bristol, and Patrick (who works as a Sports Illustrated columnist) has never been shy about airing his many grievances with his former employer. For years, ESPN has generally kept its talent from guesting on non-ESPN Radio affiliates but over the past couple of months we've see ESPN warhorses Chris Berman, Bill Simmons and Dick Vitale appear on Patrick's radio program. How would ESPN classify its current policy regarding ESPN staffers appearing on the Dan Patrick Show? Said ESPN PR comandante Chris LaPlaca: "There is no "policy." It's simply the way it has worked out the last few weeks."

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