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Thursday, August 29

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Thursday, August 29

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Cano, Yankees more than $100M off

While the endgame may be assumed, the journey may not be so smooth. Everyone is figuring top free-agent-to-be Robinson Cano will return to the Yankees. But a soap opera may break out first. ... There's no evidence yet that the sides are anywhere close to finding common ground, or even anywhere close to being in the same ballpark. The belief is that the Yankees began this spring with an offer comparable to David Wright's new $138 million Mets deal while the Cano camp was looking at a hope of repeating teammate Alex Rodriguez's record deal for almost exactly double that -- $275 million. So while almost everyone believes Cano badly wants to stay in pinstripes -- and the Yankees just as badly want to keep him -- it would appear there's a lot of work to do to make that happen. (CBS Sports)Comment

Jones: I have the brain of a 40-year-old

Yes, Jerry Jones may be 70. But the Cowboys owner insists he is as mentally sharp as he was when he bought the team in 1989. A recent visit to the doctor convinced him he has the perspicacity of someone nearly half his age. "I've been told that I have, by CAT Scans, that it's like the brain of a 40-year-old," Jones crowed. " ... The guy really did not know it was me. I was there anonymously. He said, 'And so I just wanted to come down. I saw your chart. I know how old you are. That part is really impressive.'" Whether Jones' claim will reassure fans who have seen the Cowboys win two playoff games in the last 17 seasons is uncertain. But Jones remains confident in his abilities to manage an organization that has failed to earn a Super Bowl title since January 1996. (The Dallas Morning News)Comment

Australian teen superprospect to NBA?

If you haven't yet heard it, remember the name of Dante Exum. [Exum], considered one of the top prospects eligible for the 2014 NBA draft, told ESPN that if he opts to play college basketball, he will not enroll in December. The 6-foot-6 Australian has rocketed up draft boards recently after strong showings at the Under-19 Championships and the Nike Hoop Summit. ESPN's Chad Ford has him listed as the No. 3 overall prospect behind two freshmen -- Kansas small forward Andrew Wiggins and Kentucky power forward Julius Randle. Exum will graduate from high school in Australia in October, thus fueling speculation that he could play for a college program in December. ... Exum, who turns 19 on July 13, told ESPN that he remains 50-50 on whether to bypass college and go to the NBA. (

Must-See Photo

Houston Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin chills with a friend during a visit to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Lin was in China this week overseeing a basketball camp. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Must-See Video

In this 2005 interview with CBS' 60 Minutes, James Blake, who is retiring after the U.S. Open, discusses his comeback from a broken neck suffered during an unfortunate run-in with a metal pole.

Game To Watch

North Carolina vs. South Carolina as college football season kicks off; 6 p.m. ET, ESPN

  1. North Carolina Tar Heels
  2. South Carolina Gamecocks

SI Vault: More Moses Malone

This Day in Sports

  • 1885 -- In Cincinnati, John L. Sullivan beats Dominick McCaffery in six rounds in the first prizefight held under the Marquis of Queensberry Rules.
  • 1904 -- In St. Louis, the first Olympics held in the U.S. opens.
  • 1967 -- Red Sox and Yankees play a doubleheader that lasts eight hours 19 minutes. The second game goes 20 innings.
  • 1974 -- Moses Malone signs with the ABA's Utah Stars, becoming the first player to go directly from high school to major pro basketball.
  • 1994 -- Mario Lemieux takes a medical leave of absence due to aftereffects of treatments for Hodgkin's disease. He sits out the '94-'95 NHL season.
  • 2005 -- Hurricane Katrina ravages New Orleans, tearing holes in the Superdome's roof.