By Brian Cazeneuve
October 04, 2013
Tom Wallisch won the slopestyle gold medal at the X Games in 2012 and the world championships in 2013.

USOC Chairman Larry Probst told reporters this week that discussions about bidding for a summer Olympics in 2024 are down to fewer than 10 U.S. cities. Probst said that the USOC wanted to have decisions made both about whether to bid and which city to submit by the end of 2014. Probst also said he was pleased with wrestling's reinstatement onto the sports program, but also noted the strong presentations at the IOC session for both squash and baseball/softball. As a new IOC member, himself, Probst said he hoped new President Thomas Bach would consider lifting the quota on summer sports from the current maximum of 28. "Our hope is that with a new president in place, consideration will be given to adding new sports to the program," Probst said.

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