July 15, 2008
Pop Culture Hot List
By Arash Markazi
1 Brett Favre
The only thing worse than a flip-flopper is a disloyal flip-flopper. It's not so much that Favre is going back on his word to retire after the Packers tried to convince him to comeback but that he wants to do so with another team (in their division, no less) putting the Pack and Aaron Rodgers in a situation more awkward than any Ricky Gervais could think up.
2 Elton Brand
What is it with good guys going back on their word? We'd never tell an athlete to take $20 million less to play for the Clippers, in fact no one in their right mind should, but if, as Mike Dunleavy said, that's exactly what Brand told the Clippers he'd do before turning his back on them, well, he's a liar. It's a tag we wouldn't want for any amount of money.
3 Billy Packer
Well, at least here's one Packer that won't be returning to his team anytime soon. After calling 34 Finals Fours, CBS has cut ties with the person as synonymous with the championship game as that cheesy One Shining Moment montage.
4 Alex Rodriguez
Despite the best efforts of some pop culture savvy fans in Toronto, A-Rod isn't letting his love triangle (or is it a trapezoid at this point?) get in the way of passing Mickey Mantle on the all-time home run list. He's already positioning himself past Joe DiMaggio on another not so official list.
5 Bon Jovi
It was a solid week for Jon Bon as he performed in Central Park on Saturday (now, where did we hear that first?) and his team, the Philadelphia Soul advanced to its first Arena Bowl. We can only hope Triumph will be there to commemorate the occasion.
6 Miss USA
We're no experts (although we'd love to be), so forgive our ignorance here, but are Miss USAs taught to fall down during the Miss Universe pageant? For the second straight year our girl has bitten it hard and become a YouTube sensation. Well, at least she wasn't asked why American can't locate the U.S. on a world map.
7 Jose Canseco
We've soured on boxing in recent years (apparently there was a world title fight or something in Russia over the weekend), but we could watch Canseco getting knocked out Vai Sikahema all day long.
8 Tony Romo
So what if Romo came up short in the American Century Championship charity golf tournament (he tied for third); taking Jessica Simpson home afterwards seemed like a decent consolation prize.
9 Cristiano Ronaldo
Not only will the injured "Ronny" be shelved for at least the first three months of the season but he's breaking up with his girlfriend, Nereida Gallardo. You know what that means right? Random pictures of the soccer star with random models while he rehabs. Things could be worse. He could be that other "Ronny."
10 Dwyane Wade
It's been a minute, but D-Wade looked like "Flash" for the first time in two years as he was flying around the court in Miami during a charity basketball game and winning a dance contest with the help of LeBron James. Now if he can move like that this year the USA might have a shot at the gold and the Heat just might have a shot at winning more than 15 games.

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