May 27, 2010
Thursday, May 27
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LeBron keeping Bulls from Brown?

With Mike Brown on the market, the Bulls have a choice to make. Can an organization in the midst of a fluid coaching search afford not to perform due diligence on a head coach who departs a key division rival with a five-year record of 272-138 (.663), five consecutive first-round playoff victories and a trip to the 2007 NBA Finals? The exclusion of Brown from the list of Bulls candidates would be predicated upon the assumptions that: 1) James holds him primarily responsible for the Cavs' 4-2 Eastern Conference semifinals loss to the Boston Celtics -- a charge James never has directly asserted; and 2) the inclusion of Brown as a candidate would lessen the chances of James signing with the Bulls. (Chicago Sun-Times) Comment

Heyward ranks among all-time greats

Better than Ken Griffey, Willie Mays and Hank Aaron as a 20-year-old, Jason Heyward is having a season that compares with Mel Ott, Alex Rodriguez, Ted Williams, Al Kaline, Frank Robinson and Mickey Mantle at the same age. In the history of baseball, those are the six seasons where a player has posted an OPS over .900 as a 20-year-old. Of those six players, five are in the hall of fame, and the other guy will be when he's done playing. To say that Jason Heyward is putting himself in some pretty impressive company might be the understatement of the year. ( Comment

Blackhawks don't want 'favorite' label

Yes, they're the odds-on favorite -- by a significant margin -- to win the Stanley Cup, but the Blackhawks aren't believing the hype. If they could have put their fingers in their ears and hummed to drown out the talk, they would have. "It's going to be tough," defenseman Brian Campbell said of the Cup finals. "It's not going to come easy for us." It's no surprise the Hawks are trying to downplay the fact that Las Vegas is picking them to beat the Flyers. Most people don't want to say they were born rich; most want to say they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. But the Hawks are the deeper team. They played well most of the season. They're better. (Chicago Sun-Times) Comment

Must-See Photo
Must-See Photo

This photo was taken after Oakland's Kurt Suzuki fouled a ball off his leg in the seventh inning against the Baltimore Orioles on Wednesday night -- not during an impromptu yoga session (AP).

Must-See Video

It seems tennis has become an extreme sport.

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  • 1987 -- Phil Niekro becomes third pitcher to make 700 career starts
  • 1975 -- Philadelphia beats Buffalo in Game 6 to win Stanley Cup
  • 1968 -- Montreal and San Diego awarded major league franchises
  • 1955 -- Boston's Norm Zauchin drives in 10 runs against Washington
  • 1937 -- Carl Hubbell wins his 24th consecutive game

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