December 27, 2007
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Welcome Back Eddie

Eddie Sutton :: AP
Eddie Sutton needs two more wins to reach 800 and he'll be the first to admit he'll do just about anything to get it. That includes taking over the San Francisco basketball program on an interim basis until he wins two games, er until the school finds a permanent replacement. "It's very important," Sutton said of winning 800 games. "I had a chance earlier this year to take a Division I job and didn't think I wanted to do it. From a selfish standpoint, it is something I'm excited about. ..."
It isn't going to be easy turning the UCLA football program around as long as Pete Carroll is running things across town at USC, but it's still a pretty prestigious gig, right? Well, maybe not. Especially when the 5-19 coach of Temple turns you down.
Chill Pill, Aisle Texas Tech
Bobby Knight was reprimanded this week by the Big 12 for criticizing officials with such adjectives as "horrible" and "horrendous." We can't condone Knight's accusations but we can't help but think if this was a few years ago, Knight would have given the officials a something more than a couple of fancy words. In the immortal words of Al Pacino, If I were the man I was five year ago, I would have taken a flamethrower to this place."
Last Carr Ride
With Rich Rodriguez firing most of the Michigan coaching staff and already hitting the recruiting trail we almost forgot that Lloyd Carr will still be coaching Michigan on New Year's Day. Can someone please tell him that he can go home now before he becomes Ann Arbor's version of Milton.
Holi-daze Bowl
We're here in San Diego, getting ready for the Holiday Bowl and we've come to the conclusion that, in terms of co-eds and location, this is the best bowl ever. In case you need more proof, Busted Coverage has you covered.
Waiting for the Gatorade

The scene Les Miles hopes to repeat :: AP
Forget about Vegas, no one has more money riding on the BCS Championship Game than Les Miles. Not only is the LSU coach guaranteed a huge pay rise if he wins the coveted crystal ball but even if he loses to Ohio State he will get a pay raise of nearly $1.5 million simply for making the game.
UCLA Loves O.J.
Maybe it's just coincidence but the biggest star at USC these days is a phenom by the name of O.J. rocking a cardinal and gold No. 32 jersey. Thankfully that's where the similarities end for O.J. Mayo and that other O.J. that went to USC. Good news though, you can get sweet shirts like this and wear them to basketball games and still be relevant.
Pop Culture Nugget
We're not sure how delicious Fergilicious is these days, but she's getting married to Josh Duhamel. You know what that means, right? Yep, you'll be hearing about all of her wedding plans which will be sponsored by every celebrity tabloid under the sun. Excuse us, while we listen to Alanis Morisette put Fergie Ferg in check.
Videos of the Day
Friday Night Lights

It's apparent that Texas high school football coaches don't have an on/off switch even when they're talking to a reporter at halftime.

Christmas at Harvard

Who said an Ivy League education didn't include mastering drinking games?

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