October 05, 2007
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Breaking Down the Student Section

What type of fans are in your student section?.:: Jim Rogash/Wireimage
Ever notice how at college football games, there's always that one guy in your section who is annoyingly drunk or there's a girl trying way too hard to start a chant. SIOC presents the 13 types of people you see in your student section.
Fan of the Week
We can't say enough good things about this Michigan fan, who attended the LSU-South Carolina game in Baton Rouge last weekend and tried to recruit Les Miles to Ann Arbor with a poster that read: From LSU it's only 1,108 "Miles" to Michigan.
Penn State v. Conway Elementary
Nobody steals Penn State's logo -- even if the guilty party is Conway Elementary School in Stafford, Va., whose Cougar logo was a little too similar to the Nittany Lion. The Collegiate Licensing Co. sent a letter to the school telling them to change it.
Attention Pulitzer Price Committee
Watch out Woodward and Bernstein! The Prince, Princeton's student paper, published an expose on how students can order and charge groceries from Tiger Foods to other students' accounts.
Diploma-Less Terps

Raise your hand if you didn't get a degree from Maryland.:: AP
Only one school in the nation didn't graduate a single men's basketball player who enrolled between 1997 and 2000, and the winner is ... Maryland. Remember the 2002 national championship team (Chris Wilcox, Juan Dixon, Steve Blake, etc.) -- not one player from that squad graduated.
Today in Hot Clicks
Jesse Palmer agrees, cheerleaders are a distraction ... video of the worst cheap shots in sports history ... Dane Cook isn't a good spokesman for MLB ... The silent Wonder Years.
Pop Culture Nugget
I spent all summer watching Bret Michaels look for his soul mate on Rock of Love and I want a refund. Jes Rickleff, the spunky pink-haired champion dumped Michaels over the phone in favor of a Chicago clothing designer. As you told me when I was 12-years-old, Bret, every rose has its thorn.
Odds and Ends
Wesleyan students plan to launch an erotica magazine ... Darryl McDaniels (aka - DMC of Run DMC) taught Pitt students how to rap ... Eastern Michigan baseball coach Roger Coryell was given a month-long suspension for "misuse of the school's e-mail system" ... Iowa State fans are petitioning to keep the logo of Cy, the school's mascot, on the Cyclones' redesigned football helmets.
Videos of the Day
Tailgating in Boulder
SIOC's College Football Tour Guy hit Boulder for the Buffs stunning upset of Oklahoma last weekend. Hilarity ensued.
Mike Gundy Tirade -- The Coors Remix
You knew it was only a matter of time until this came out.
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