January 16, 2008
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What did Rich Rodriguez do now to ruffle the feathers at WVU? ::
Just when you think the Rich Rodriguez-to-Michigan story can't get any juicier, word comes from Morgantown that the former WVU coach may have destroyed all the paperwork relating to every player -- past and present -- over the past seven years. We agree with R-Rod's agent, Mike Brown, who is baffled that the school didn't have copies of such important records. For those late to the Rodriguez-to-Michigan party, the Wizard of Odds has done an excellent job tracking all the craziness since the coach's departure from Morgantown.
Where Are They Now? -- Heisman Edition
In case you were wondering what happened to Gino Torretta, Rashaan Salaam and other college greats, here's your answer.
Coaching With Your Shoes Off
Forget Wagner Coach Mike Deane and his seatbelt on the bench, our new favorite coach is Ron Hunter at IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis). During the Jaguars game against Oakland (Mich.) on Jan. 24, Hunter will coach in his bare feet to raise awareness of people around the world without shoes.
Student Section Technicals
The Western Athletic Conference issued a warning to student sections that "any pre-meditated chants that contain vulgar or offensive language will result in a technical foul called against the home team." And for our bilingual friends, don't try and get too fancy because "Spanish replacement words also will be met with technical fouls."
Stay in School!
In honor of Xavier Lee deciding to leave Florida State to turn pro, The Angry T has some other college athletes who ruined a career in pro sports by leaving school too early.
The Never-Ending Duke Lacrosse Case

The rapid decline of Mike Nifong continued yesterday. :: Max Turner/Icon SMI
Think the Rodriguez saga has gone on too long at West Virginia? It's nothing compared to the Duke lacrosse case, which broke nearly two years ago and still has legs. The latest news involves former Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong, who lost his job and his career over his zealous prosecution of the Duke lacrosse case, and filed for bankruptcy yesterday with a reported debt of $180.3 million and assets of $243,898.
Apology Long Overdue
Remember those two Penn State students who caused a ruckus a few months back by dressing as Virginia Tech shooting victims for Halloween? One has finally come forward and apologized for the tasteless costume.
Dispute at Duke?
Duke plans to retire the number of former women's hoops standout Lindsey Harding ... and this Duke student (and former SI.com intern) isn't happy about it.
Pop Culture Nugget
It's no secret that Amy Winehouse is the biggest train wreck this side of Britney Spears. But someone has decided to help the British singer get her life back in order ... and her name is Kelly Osborne. Yup, this Kelly Osborne.
Today in Hot Clicks
The Bad Luck Club: Doomed Couples ... Goat giveaway ... KG wants Chastain to take her top off ... Zubaz pants.
Odds and Ends
We can't say enough good things about Ohio State's new logo ... Is Norm Chow really heading to UCLA? ... A Missouri State sorority was disbanded for playing drinking games, leaving blindfolded women in a cemetery and forcing a woman to get an application from a strip club ... An Indiana man accidentally shot himself in the groin while he was robbing a convenience store.
Videos of the Day
Beirut Trick Shots

Tuition money well spent. Thanks, mom and dad!

Les Miles -- Long Tall Cajun

Does anyone have more great YouTube videos created for them than Les Miles? And they're all hysterical, especially this one.

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