February 27, 2008
The Links
Jamie Lynn Finds Her Romeo

Jamie Lynn Spears and Romeo briefly dated. :: Michael Buckner, Vince Bucci/Getty Images
What in the name of Adnan Ghalib does Jamie Lynn Spears have to do with Lil' Romeo? More than you think. According to the not-very-reliable In Touch Magazine, the two briefly dated and Spears' baby may belong to a member of Romeo's posse. We just hope it isn't Romeo's future USC teammate O.J. Mayo (that is if Mayo shocks the world and stays a Trojan for another year).
Terrelle Pryor Not Such a Great Guy
Terrelle Pryor may be the most-hyped high school recruit ever, but as The Bleacher Report notes, his behavior during a recent basketball game showed that he still has a ways to go in the maturity department.
Tim Tebow Channels Switzerland
Greg Oden may endorse Barack Obama, Roger Goodell may support John McCain, but Tim Tebow is staying out of politics. The 19-year-old -- who is a registered Republican -- has been courted by multiple presidential candidates but will remain mum on his choice.
Jon Stewart -- The College Years
Before he became king of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart was Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, a fledgling soccer star at William and Mary with bad hair.
College Baseball Preview

Can Oregon State make it a three-peat? :: AP
Can Oregon State win a third straight national championship? SIOC has that answer and a rundown of the nation's top 25 teams in our college baseball preview. Or, if you just want to scout for future MLBers, check out our list of the top 20 prospects.
Pete Carroll Clothing
Yup, Pete Carroll has a clothing line -- and there's not one item on it that we'd buy.
The $1000 Mouth Guard
A mouth guard that "safely reproduces some of the effects of steroids and the human growth hormone" is now on the market, and Rutgers will be wearing them next season.
Dumb Arrests of the Day
A man in Appleton, Wisc. had to pee so bad, he relieved himself in front of the police department, after which he was cited for public urination and jailed on a probation violation. He should hang out with this inebriated Ottawa citizen who parked his car outside a police station and walked inside the precinct reeking of booze.
Pop Culture Nugget
Amy Winehouse now has pink hair.
Today in Hot Clicks
A relevant Wonderlic test ... Jason Kidd's 1994 rap song ... More on funny Ferrell interview ... Free Nintendo and much more fun.
Odds and Ends
College fight songs have been very lucrative for this entrepreneur ... The ninja candidate running for president of the Kansas State student body has dropped out of the race ... Al Qaeda operatives are now on Facebook and other social networking sites ... News from the college water polo world: No. 1 UCLA beat No. 2 Stanford ... The Little Rock piano bar that admitted 20-year-old Darren McFadden was fined $500 ... Diablo Cody -- who won an Oscar for writing Juno -- is an Iowa alum ... There's a perv on the loose at Central Florida.
Videos of the Day
Hitler the Gamecock Fan

Steve Spurrier fever spreads to 1940's Germany.

Swearing on Jeopardy

We've been waiting a while for someone to drop an F-bomb on Jeopardy -- we just didn't expect the person to be so young.

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