March 27, 2008
The Links
Looking for the Hottest Michigan and PSU Coeds

Penn State and Michigan are looking for attractive girls. :: Mo Moschella, Danny Moloshok/Icon SMI
As expected, Pop Crunch's ranking of the 50 schools with the hottest females caused quite a stir amongst the college crowd, especially at Michigan and Penn State, which are now holding contests to find the school's best-looking coed.
I Wish I Went To Davidson
As if going to the Sweet 16 isn't enough, Davidson announced that the school will pay the expenses (bus ride, game tickets and hotel rooms) of any student who wants to travel to Detroit for its game against Wisconsin.
High School Hansbrough
Before he was an SI cover boy and the nation's top college hoops player, Tyler Hansbrough was a normal 18-year-old with slight acne and a big red pickup truck. It's all in this 2004 profile on Psycho T's high school years.
Remember the Texas fan who walked into a Sooner bar last June with a Longhorns T-shirt and was promptly beat up by an Oklahoma fan. Well, the trial began and it was revealed that the UT fan needed 60, that's right 60, stitches to repair a torn scrotum.
If They Weren't Coaching

Could Rick Pitino be the next babysitter in charge? :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images, AP
Cats and Beer has a look at what the Sweet 16 coaches would be doing had they chosen a different career. Our favorite -- Rick Pitino as the star of a Charles in Charge remake.
Dumb Arrest of the Day
San Diego State defensive lineman Ernie Lawson was arrested on Monday for stealing $2.19 from the SDSU Bookstore and charged with a misdemeanor count of petty theft.
A Big Red Crush
Who knew Western Kentucky's mascot was such a stud?
Pop Culture Nugget
Dr. Pepper announced plans to give everyone in America a free soda if Guns n' Roses release their long awaited album, Chinese Democracy/a>, in 2008. The best part -- Axel Rose responded to the offer.
Today in Hot Clicks
Help us beat Tiger Woods ... Our interview with Gus Johnson ... ... Greatest hockey goalie fights ever ... Best Major League quotes ... 100 Unsexiest Men.
Odds and Ends
Mark Richt, Tommy Tuberville, Charlie Weis and Randy Shannon are heading to the Middle East to meet with the troops for Memorial Day ... Nebraska coach Bo Pelini banned his players from going to bars ... NCAA tournament ratings are down ... Coach K has a new Mastercard commercial ... We enjoyed this profile of Jonathan XIII.
Videos of the Day
Ugliest Free Throw, Ever

Syracuse's Arinze Onuaku inflicts some pain on the backboard.

Ten Signs You're Watching Too Much Basketball

Even David Letterman is feeling the March Madness bug.

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