May 08, 2008
The Links
Get Psyched USC Fans!

Will the women at USC swoon for Romeo? :: John Cordes, Shelly Castellano/Icon SMI
Only three more months until the arrival of your basketball savior, Lil' Romeo (and his fantastically conditioned abs).
America's Sexiest Newscaster Returns Home
Former Cal-State Fullerton student Elita Loresca -- who FHM named as "America's Sexiest Newscaster" in 2006 -- spoke at her alma mater yesterday about careers in broadcasting. Speaking of newscasters, we recommend FHM take a look at Liberty University's Samantha Steele.
It's Dr. Marino to You
SIOC would like to congratulate Dan Marino, who received an honorary doctoral degree in broadcast journalism from his alma mater, the University of Pittsburgh. We're guessing whoever decided to award him this doctorate didn't get a chance to see this video.
Meet the Nation's Youngest Professor
Imagine going to a class and the professor is younger than you are. That's the case for some students at Southern University in New Orleans.
Don't Mess with Phil

Tennessee police are big fans of Phil Fulmer. :: Andy Altenburger/Icon SMI
A 20-year-old Tennessee man was arrested for displaying a sign on his car that read "F--- you, Fulmer."
If Every Vote was This Easy
UWeekly is trying to determine the hottest bartender in Columbus, Ohio, and after looking at the two female finalists, we have a feeling the brunette is going to win.
South Park Link of the Day
Maxim has the eight most underrated songs from everyone's favorite Comedy Central series.
Idiot of the Day
Why would anyone do this?
Pop Culture Nugget
An exhibit dedicated to Chris Farley opened Tuesday at the Wisconsin Historical Museum.
Today in Hot Clicks
Jeter women all over Maxim list ... Charles Barkley pranked ... Guess the bald NBA player ... Bring back Afros!
Odds and Ends
San Diego State suspended six fraternities after this week's drug bust ... Good luck trying to get a drink special in Madison on a weekend night ... Speaking of Madison, a Wisconsin student faces up to nine months in prison for intentionally setting off a sprinkler system and causing nearly $20,000 in damages ... Three more Penn State students were charged for streaking.
Videos of the Day
Charlie Weis Disses Michigan

Pay attention at the :50 second mark.

The Simpsons -- Live and in Spanish!

This is just bizarre.

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