June 05, 2008
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MLB Draft -- TV and Movie Edition

Where would you draft Mae Mordabito? :: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images
With MLB's first-year draft set to begin today, The Angry T held his own mock draft based on fictional baseball players in movies and TV, and we have to say, did a damn good job. Though we probably would choose Mae Mordabito (a.k.a. -- Madonna) a tad bit earlier, but judging from the above picture, she may have been a distraction to some of the guys on the team.
The Next Erin Andrews
Forget Samantha Steele and Allie LaForce. Arizona softball ace Taryne Mowatt -- whose Wildcats were eliminated from the championship tournament last week -- declared her desire to be a TV sideline reporter. She also would "give anything" to meet Andrews and recommends "an Erin and Taryne duo" to cover the games. OK by us.
University of $$$
Forbes took a look at the 469 Americans who are fortunate enough to call themselves billionaires and which schools produced the most people on the list. As expected, Harvard leads the list with 50, while NYU had the distinction of having five dropouts who went on to become billionaires.
Funniest College Student in America
Congrats to Duke's Tim Ball, who won Rooftop Comedy's National College Comedy Competition. Check out Tim in action.
Rose Bowl vs. Lee Corso

Would you pick Lee Corso over the Rose Bowl? :: John Sommers/Icon SMI
As Campus Clicks enters its second year of existence, we only hope we have fans as dedicated as Nelva Deeke of Hubbell, Neb., who won a Home Depot contest where she got to choose between an all-expense paid trip to California for the Rose Bowl or College Gameday hosting a barbecue at her house. And she chose to hang out with Lee Corso and the guys from Gameday.
Duke and Bathrooms
Duke's Wallace Wade Stadium is known to have some of the nation's worst bathrooms, and the men will have to suck it up for another year as the planned restroom renovations have been put on hold. The women, however, will feel like queens with the "high-end portable toilets" the school is importing for the home games. Let's just hope we don't have another Penn State situation on our hands.
World Series of Poker Update
We don't really have a WSOP update, we just wanted to turn your attention to our favorite competitor, Vanessa Ruosso.
Dumb Arrest of the Day
Kentucky football commit Jerrell Greene must have had a very sore throat -- or some illicit hallucinogenic intentions -- because he?s was charged with first-degree robbery after jacking four bottles of cough syrup from a pharmacy.
Pop Culture Nugget
Kevin Federline has been named Father of the Year ... by the Las Vegas nightclub Prive.
Today in Hot Clicks
The Celebrity Championship Wrestling "cast" ... Man with cancer bets he'll stay alive ... Joba plan ... Celtics-Lakers links galore ... Video game news.
Odds and Ends
Wisconsin is cracking down on drunks at football games ... Pac-10 football coaches make pretty good money ... Lou Holtz tends to leave football programs in worse shape then when he arrived ... Suites at Minnesota's new football stadium aren't cheap ... Pat Knight is slowly exiting his father's shadow.
Videos of the Day
Coolest Slip and Slide Ever

This looks like fun.

Coolest Slip and Slide Ever - Watch more free videos
Salesman of the Day Video

This Best Buy worker is forced to dance on order to make a sale.

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