January 21, 2008
The Links
A Bruin Takes a Stand

UCLA fans finally have their own brand of condoms. :: John W. McDonough/SI
UCLA may be reeling from its 72-63 loss to rival USC on Saturday but we have something to cheer Bruins fans up ... condoms. Mike Filonczuk, a UCLA alum, has created the Bruin condom because "no self-respecting Bruin should ever have to put on a Trojan."
BYU vs. Gold's Gym "Porn"
Well, maybe not porn, but students at BYU are up in arms over the "racy and innappropriate" videos on display in a local Gold's Gym cardio room. A group of students claims to have collected almost 1,000 signatures and a list of demands the gym has 10 days to comply with. We'll keep you posted.
There's No Crying in Basketball
The biggest story coming out of Maryland's 82-80 upset of North Carolina is not so much the Tar Heels' loss but the reaction of the UNC fans. Many were seen in tears that the Heels' undefeated season came to an end. Crying is a very much a part of sports (though at times it can be excessive), but for fans to be crying over an 18-1 team in the middle of January is a bit much. Maybe Amber Bagwell can cheer the UNC fans up.
College Hoops' Lamest
Maxim has its list of the 10 lamest things in college hoops. We don't really understand some of the choices (dunks are not lame and I like Rock n' Roll Park 2) but since its the same magazine that brought us this photo gallery of Mischa Barton, we won't complain.
Cry Me a River
Sure, Green Bay fans had it rough as they endured 1-below temperatures with a wind chill of minus-23 during yesterday's loss to the Giants in the NFC Championship Game, but what about the "brave" LSU fans who had to endure temperatures hovering in the 30s to help celebrate the Tigers' national championship.
Super Bowl QBs -- The College Years

Eli Manning and Tom Brady weren't quite so hip during college. :: AP; Donna Terek/SI
As the Patriots and Giants prepare for Super Bowl XLII, get ready for as onslaught of comparisons between Tom Brady and Eli Manning. And SIOC will be the first to jump into the fray with a comparison of awkward pictures from college. And our winner is ... Tom Brady. With that quasi-military haircut, we don't even think Tara Reid would give him a second look (much less Gisele and Bridget).
Catching Up With ...
JamesOn Curry ... remember him? He is the former Oklahoma State guard who helped the Cowboys advance to the 2005 NCAA Sweet 16 (and was arrested for selling pot to an undercover cop). Well, he's now playing for the Iowa Energy -- the NBDL affiliate of the Chicago Bulls. During a recent trip to Boise, Curry was arrested for urinating in public and resisting arrest.
In Case You Missed It
George Mason's Dre Smith set a new NCAA record by shooting a perfect 10-for-10 from three-point land in the Patriots' 96-75 victory over James Madison on Saturday.
Pop Culture Nugget
In The Wackness, a movie that debuted at the Sundance Film Festival on Friday, 64-year-old Sir Ben Kingsley and 21-year-old Mary-Kate Olsen share a passionate kiss.
Bonus Pop Culture Nugget
Coldplay's Chris Martin really doesn't like the paparazzi.
Today in Hot Clicks
Bush and Kardashian are all over Sundance Festival ... Worst athlete endorsements ... Super Bowl odds ... Must-hear soccer call ... Beckham to rap with Snoop.
Odds and Ends
UMass is playing its best ball since the John Calipari era ... Tyrelle Pryor visited Ann Arbor and got a good look at Rich Rodriguez's hot wife ... Craig's List is donating $1.6 million to Cal ... Dean Smith is recovering from complications following knee replacement surgery last month.
Videos of the Day
Tim Tebow Pep Talk

Who knew the Heisman winner -- and Hubert Davis -- were so funny?

UCLA Roll Call

In case you were wondering who was on UCLA's squad this year, let the Bruins' student section remind you.

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