August 15, 2007
1 James Gandolfini

In his first post Tony Soprano role, the three-time Emmy winner will play Sonny Vaccaro in an upcoming film about the life of the shoe endorsement and summer basketball camp visionary. Staying true to his Sopranos' roots, the film will reportedly end abruptly while players are tying their Nikes in the locker room as the double doors open.

2 Vince Young

The cover boy of Madden 08 is beginning to see why LaDainian Tomlinson and other NFL stars are staying clear of this "honor." In the past couple weeks Young has been benched for violating a team rule, punched a teammate's helmet-covered head with his throwing hand and has had to answer questions about Pacman Jones' wrestling skills.

3 Perrey Reeves

We can't get enough of Mrs. Ari Gold. She first caught our attention as Frank The Tank's wife in Old School and now we can't stop looking at her sultry figure every time she's on the screen berating her husband (preferably in lingerie).

4 Michael Vick
OK, forget about the dog fighting case for a second and consider what Vick has done to Raiders QB Josh McCown. The pedestrian Oakland signal caller finally got his moment in the sun, winning the NFL Quarterback Challenge two months ago. But the event, which was supposed to be televised this week, will never see the light of day because Vick participated in it.
5 Don Imus

The shock jock finally settled with CBS four months after getting fired by the radio giant for disparaging remarks about the Rutgers women's basketball team. The "I Man," who has been out of a job since his comments, was also sued by Rutgers player Kia Vaughn this week after the team accepted the radio host's apology back in April.

6 Heinz Ketchup

The classic condiment is so important to the Steelers that it is written in their official hotel requirements that a bottle be on the table for every team meal. Oh, and while we're at it, Dan Rooney only sleeps on foam pillows.

7 Michael Cera & Jonah Hill

It's no surprise that Superbad is super good with two of the funniest supporting actors coming together to lead Judd Apatow's newest comedic gem.

8 Ivanka Trump

A hot heiress who actually does something? No way. One who doesn't do time, drink and drive or flash the paparazzi? Impossible. Thankfully she's not above posing for men's magazines. She's on the cover of the new Stuff showing off her, you know, stuff.

9 David Beckham

He's spent more time on the bench than on the field since arriving in the States but that will change this week as Becks finally feels healthy enough to take the field. Too bad the Galaxy are the worst team in the MLS (outside of Salt Lake, which actually is a pub side) and not even Pele in his prime could turn this sorry bunch around.

10 Pacman Jones

After suspending him without pay, the Titans get a judge to block Jones from acting, er wrestling at a TNA pay-per-view. So much for the common law right to earn a living. Apparently that goes out the door when you enter six-sided wrestling rings.

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