December 18, 2008
Campus Clicks
By Mallory Rubin
Shake Your Pompom
Former Cheerleaders of the Week Britany Raymond and Stephani DeBrucque :: Britany Raymond : Orlan H. Ree, Jr.

You may think this year's BCS title game lacks legitimacy (we're talking to you, Texas fans), but you'd be hard pressed to convince anyone this game lacks appeal. Especially the folks at CO-ED, who, after doing their homework on the Florida and Oklahoma cheerleading squads, are almost as pumped for this game as Tim Tebow's surgical patients. Our former UF and OU Cheerleaders of the Week so inspired the CO-ED team, they decided to do a cheerleader breakdown for all the BCS matchups. Cheer Times took it one step further, though, and decided to rank all the bowl games based on "expected spirit squad presence." Chick-fil-A attendees, get ready for some serious pompom action.

Ranger, Meet Canon

STF's not one to back away from a challenge, so when it saw Mid Majority's request for an All-Badass Names Team, it knew it had no choice but to oblige. But a general list would have been far too simple, so STF upped the anti and divided the All-Badass Names Team into subdivisions. You've got your truck driver badasses, your metaphorical imagery badasses, your implied adult film star badasses. The stud of the last group? Central Arkansas' King Canon, of course.

The Name Game

It's almost too easy to make fun of bowl game names today. (Quick: What's the full name of the Poinsettia Bowl? The guys at Two Minute Drill love to ask that one. Answer: the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl. Enjoy those T-shirts, Boise State and TCU fans.) But there were plenty of quirky bowl names before the corporate sponsors (and local credit unions) stepped in. So when you're sitting around wondering what a magicJack is, think back to the purer days of salad bowls and glass bowls and Vulcan bowls.

'Tis The Season
This Christmas, Mark Sanchez wants new shoes and clean carpet. :: Icon SMI

Man, life really must be good in SoCal if all Mark Sanchez wants for Christmas is a new pair of shoes and some clean carpet. Poor Steve Sarkisian. All he wants is a Rose Bowl win, and then a staff at Washington. We suspect he'll get the first wish. The second, though...

Ahead Of The Curve

There's been plenty of Sam Bradford vs. Tim Tebow hype heading into the title game, but Sparty and Friends thinks Bob Stoops vs. Urban Meyer is the truly interesting head-to-head storyline. One of these two will emerge as a two-time national champion coach, and that's pretty special. See, we can't really count Pete Carroll, which means there are only two other men who have accomplished this feat, and they're both geriatrics.

You Are What Your Grow

We always thought facial hair on a college-aged male said, "I'm too lazy to shave," but according to OTR, it's a lot more complex than that.

Go Green: A Hybrid Postseason

In football, as in life, it's not always black and white. Some like it black, some like it white. Some like a playoff, others like the BCS. There are some, however, who favor a grayish hue, a BCS-playoff hybrid, if you will. In this age of green initiatives, we suspect all the pro-playoff lawmakers out there will support anything with the word "hybrid" in it.

Old School

We've linked to lists of the best fictional colleges before, but this post from Unreality takes it a step further, listing the 15 most memorable fictional places of higher education and the pros and cons of enrolling at each. If you're wondering what the point of this is, you clearly haven't taken enough classes on Hobbes and thought experiments.

Pop Culture Nugget

Few would complain about seeing Rachel Weisz squeeze into a Catwoman suit.

Today In Hot Clicks
Marisa Tomei:: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

One reason to check out The Wrestler ... Can anyone lend Joe Montana $69 million? ... More Look-alikes ... NHL Mutants strike back ... Pats cheerleader calendar ... Dorsett arrested.

Odds and Ends

Tebow might not enter the NFL draft, but he sure as heck's going to fill out the necessary paper work ... Those Oregon girls do college right ... Sorry, Irish fans, but someone already owns the domain ... There's a mass exodus going on at UAB.

Gene "Two And 10" Chizik

Auburn fans, you're not the only one miffed about the Chizik hire. (Warning: Hitler tends to use strong language.)

Boomer! Sooner!

At long last, Billy Sims has realized it's a tad annoying the shout school cheers through the entire Heisman ceremony.

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